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Resö located in Tanum Municipality archipelago. Along the island's beaches you can get a guided tour of Kosterhavet - Sweden's first marine national park.

Resö is an island in Tanum with marina, year-round open grocery store, Bed and breakfast, restaurants, camping, boat charter and bakery. You arrive here via the bridge from the mainland or by boat.

In the marina there are boat crane, fresh water, toilets, showers and laundry.

With a comfortable boat trip you will arrive at the nature reserve Trossö-Kalvö-Lindo. Resö is also the southern entrance to the new marine national park.

History and curiosities

Already in the 1600s lived there most likely farmers with fishing as supplementary activities on Resö. The population increased during the 1800s and two beach communities grew appear: at Torgelsholmen in the northeast and the western shore opposite the island Bissen.

When fishing grew in importance during the 1900s, there were, for example, in the mid-1930s, 26 fishing boats resident at Resö.

For a period around 1980 a local builder built several apartments in Resö, these made it possible for young people to stay on the island and the inhabitants of Resö has been actively and successfully reverse the trend of emigration to a living community.

Activities and attractions

Panget on Resö founded in the 1940s by a sibling pairs. Today there are no accommodation facilities here, but the owners care for the old environment and business lives on.

Far out in the port of a direct connection to the "sea E6" is Hamnmagasinet which was built in 1999 on the initiative of Social Association. The house is used as aggregate and party room. During the summer, a restaurant is managed through Lexö på Resö.

In Resö marina is still an active fishing fleet, including several seafood trawlers.

On Holmsbacken is "John's farm. Johan Hilmersson lived and worked on Resö all his life until 1972, and today operates his old home as a local museum.

Resö Church was built between 1913-1916 by the islanders collected funds. Outside the church is covered with tarred oak chips and saddle roof is made of wood covered with red bricks. Inside, the decor is Art Nouveau, the baptismal font is from 1915 and is made of granite and church bell originates from the 1576th.

Resö has many fine beaches, both sandy beaches and cliffs. On Hamnholmen is also a jetty and diving tower.

At Resö you will find the southern entrance to Kosterhavet national park. Learn more about the national park here: Kosterhavet. Along the banks of Resö you can get a guided tour of Kosterhavet, in 2009 was named Sweden's first marine national park. During a guided tour you learn more about the conditions for biological diversity and life hidden beneath the surface.

If you have a dive certification you can be by Brothers Klemming train to become an oyster diver. The education is the only one of its kind in the world and after completing the course, you get an oyster diving license. After the dive you have the opportunity to buy some oysters home.

Contact information

Samhällsföreningen Resö-Galtö ekonomisk förening


45797 Resö

Phone: +46 525 25455

E-mail: kontakt@reso.se

Website: reso.se