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  • Kosterhavet National Park

    Welcome to Sweden’s first marine national park.

    Koster sea under the surface with floating eelgrass

    Photographer: Lars-Ove Loo

  • The National Park of Kosterhavet and the island of Ursholmen with red painted cabins.

    Photographer: Mikael Almse

  • Two people are walking a long a beach at South Koster. Tall grass is in the foreground.

    Photographer: Roger Borgelid

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  • Lighthouse in wintry archipelago.

    Photographer: Anders Tysklind

Sweden's most westerly lighthouse  is part of the Kosterhavet National Park.

Kosterhavet National Park

Visit Sweden’s one and only marine national park. The National Park lies off the coast in northern Bohuslän and stretches from the town of Strömstad in the...

Building which houses the visitor centre Kosterhavet, In front of the entrance there are grass area and seating and the back is towards the sea.

Visitor centre

The national park’s main information centre – “naturum” – in Ekenäs on South Koster, offers expert help. Check out the interactive presentations and films about...

A child holding a crab.


At the entry points to follow you will find general information about the park and specific information on the part of the park you are visiting.

Two people are walking a long a beach at South Koster. Tall grass is in the foreground.

Nature reserves

A nature reserve is created to preserve habitats, flora or fauna, which gives you the opportunity to experience untouched archipelago nature. The Park adjoins a...

Beach guide with water binoculars in Kosterhavet National Park.


Some of the activities on offer here are kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, bird watching and fishing.

A red kayak is paddeling next to an island at dusk.


The Koster Islands and the surrounding Kosterhavet National Park offer amazing opportunities for kayaking. All the way from Ramsö and Ursholmen in the south to...

When you should visit the Park

In Kosterhavet there is something to see and discover at all times of the year. You can always visit our Naturum visitor centre on South Koster, which is open...

sunset over the sea

Certified activities in Kosterhavet

See certified activities that aim to offer better experiences and sustainable future. Here you also will find restaurants certified by Västsvenska Mersmak.

A small, white sailboat travels across the ocean on a sunny, summer's day.

Boating in Kosterhavet

Boating in the national parks provides wonderful opportunities to experience the magnificent archipelago. As a traveller at sea, you can contribute to...

Highlights in Bohuslän

Presentation of the six most visited attractions in Bohuslän. Everything from walking among the rock carvings to meeting endangered species at the Nordens Ark,...