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Tanum Shoppingcenter

There are many reasons to visit Tanums Shoppingcenter, Bohusläns greatest shopping centre, right next to the E6 in Tanumshede and in between Oslo and Gothenburg.

Many shopping centres in Sweden and Norway are often perceived as difficult to visit and to shop in. It can be because of the size, too many floors, and shortage of parking spots as well as the journey to get there. Tanum Shoppingcenter kept this in mind and created a centre that is easily accessible and easy to find, just by the E6 and in between Oslo and Gothenburg.

Tanum Shoppingcenter focuses on their customer satisfaction when they visit. They have a large selection of restaurants and cafés with food from all over the world. They are all located in a relaxed environment with easy access to stores and other conveniences. You will find a large selection of stores selling groceries, fashion & shoes, electronics, interior, beauty, body care, candy, sport & leisure, etc. Apart from the well-known chains, there are also many new and exciting concepts that can only be found at Tanums Shoppingcenter. One of Sweden’s best and cheapest Coop stores on 4000 m² is located here. You will also find fresh fish and quality meat from Kustcharken in Askum. With a focus on keeping a green profile, there are also a large amount of charging stations for electric cars and free camper parking with access to electricity and gas oil. The entire shopping centre is operated with green electricity.


Tanum Shoppingcenter is located in the heart of north Bohuslänand only 10 minutes from the world's most beautiful archipelago. Here, you will find the idyllic Fjällbacka, where Hollywood star Ingrid Bergmanspent many of her summers and where Camilla Läckbergsfamous novels take place. Just 15 km north of Fjällbacka you will find Grebbestadwith its buzzing streets, camping spots and jetty. Here, you can enjoy the tasty Swedish oysters, fresh from the ocean. A 5 minute drive further you will find Vitlycke Museum and its rock carvings, which is a part of UNESCO:s World Heritage list.

North of Tanumshede you can also visit Kosterhavets National park, Sweden’s westernmost point, an amazing island world with plenty to offer. Close by you can also find Mjölkeröd and Fjällbacka golf club.

Tanum Shoppingcenter is located only 30 minutes from the Norwegian border, 1,5 hours from the Norwegian capital, 1,5 hours from Gothenburg, and only 4,5 hours on the freeway to Copenhagen.

Contact information

Tanum Shoppingcenter

Brehogsvägen 5

45732 Tanumshede

Phone: +46 525 759090

E-mail: info@tanumshopping.se

Website: tanumshopping.se