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The coastal resort of Grebbestad in Tanum offers entertainment and dining experiences all year round. It also contains a number of interesting relics related to the older cultures of southern Europe.

Grebbestad is a city in Tanum and one of Bohuslän's most popular seaside resorts. As in so many other places in Bohuslän, fishing and seafaring has in the past been significant industries, and even today there are still several fishing trawler left in Grebbestad.

Just south of the city is the tourist facility Tanumstrand offering a variety of activities all year round.

In the area around Grebbestad are also several interesting ancient monuments, such as a stone labyrinth and an ancient castle. Remains of similar nature have been found in several places further south in Europe, which could mean that the early Bohusläningarna had contact with people in southern European cultures.

In Grebbestads marina there are service building with toilet, shower, washing machine and other services.

History and curiosities

Remains from the Iron Age shows that the area around Grebbestad been inhabited since ancient times. The first time Grebbestad appear in the historical sources is at the beginning of the 1600s, when the locals put their mark on the tax roll and settlement marks on maps. 

Industries such as trading, shipping, canning and fishing industries contributed to the development of the city during the 1800s. In 1858 there were seven cargo ships in Grebbestad, and there were mainly timber and grain that was shipped out. During the last decade of 1800s many stonemasons moved into the community when the stone industry started.

Already in the late 1800s Grebbestad became a seaside resort with mud cure as specialty. The mud in the bay was then considered to be very health. During this period there was both warm and cold baths, longest preserved cold bath house that was demolished in 1974.

Poet Ebba Lindqvist (1908-1995) grew up in Grebbestad and as a tribute to her; a place with four boulders with some of her poems has been created. Evert Taube also has some connection to the resort. Here he wrote "En solig morgon" and "Så länge skutan kan gå" when he was staying at Otterö outside Grebbestad in the summer of 1954.

Activities and attractions

Grebbestad and the surrounding area offer a wide and varied range of activities and sights. The resort has many ancient remains from the Iron Age.

Greby graveyard outside Grebbestad is the largest graveyard around Bohuslän. More than 180 graves are visible on the surface, but under the ground lies most probably many more. According to legend, is fallen Scottish warriors buried in the mounds. The graves were investigated in 1873 and could then be dated to the Iron Age, around 400-500 a.c.

Outside Grebbestad's is the labyrinth Ulmekärr, probably from the Iron Age. Labyrinths are among the most enigmatic ancient sites and they are almost always in coastal areas. Similar labyrinths like the one in Ulmekärr can also be found around the Mediterranean, the Atlantic coast of British Islands and elsewhere in Scandinavia. The purpose of the construction of the labyrinth is probably about luck and fertility.

Röö-stone on Otterön has inscriptions in runes of the so-called older runic alphabet. The text on the stone tells of Swabaharjar who became betrayed. The name comes from an area of ​​modern Germany.

In the nature reserve at Otterön is remarkable shell banks. At the ponds are shell banks of special geological interest, since they are largely made up of fossils of lime stored red seaweeds and not of fossils from different animal species. On Otterön are most lime-plants occurring in northern Bohuslän, such as orchids.

Inside the city Grebbestad is local church in the Gothic Revival style built in granite in the 1890s. The Church's most prominent and most valuable decoration glass mosaic in the choir as artist Joe Milla did in 1965. A church of a different kind is Monk's Church by the sea just north of Grönemad. There is a tunnel-like formation from the ice age with a depth of 12 meters. At the beach is a large boulder called the altar stone.

A few kilometers south of Grebbestad are the tourist facility Tanumstrand. Here you can find everything for a complete holiday experience. You can stay in the hotel, in a cabin or in the harbor where you also can rent boats, life jackets and fishing equipment. The resort has a restaurant, swimming pool, gym, massage, after beach and a variety of entertainment throughout the year.

Everts Sjöbod in Grebbestad arranges fishing and bathing trips by boat. Join us for a tour and empty lobster and crab pots, or pick oysters!

Culinary Grebbestad

Fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, lobster and other goodies from the ocean's pantry can be enjoyed in most of the restaurants in Grebbestad.

Restaurant Grebys located in a warehouse beautifully situated at Grebbestads harbor entrance and has a history since 1901 cannery. With daily fresh produce and a professional craft seething Grebys of food enjoyment and genuineness.

In the basement of one of Grebbestads most historic house is the Restaurant Telegrafen located. It serves traditional fare cooked from locally grown and carefully managed commodities in a welcoming and familiar environment. Grebbestads telegraph station wasonce the premises.

Tanum Strand Restaurant Latitude has an international flavor with an emphasis on classic ingredients with a modern twist. Restaurant located right on the ocean makes the visit something extra.

The Restaurant Hertigen offers dishes from the Balkans, pasta, salads and pizza. Café Skafferiet is both a restaurant, a café and a pub and serves breakfast from early morning for the early riser. Do not miss out the cozy Sjögrens i Backen, who both have good coffee and ala carte menu, not to mention the rich breakfast!

Swimming Places

In Grebbestad there are several popular swimming areas.

Edsvik bath is four kilometers northwest of Grebbestad is child friendly with a sandy beach, dock and diving platform.

Grebbestads swimming area has proximity to Grebbestads camping and Grebbestad dock with shops and restaurants. The swimming area is child friendly with sandy beach and pier, restrooms and showers.

Even the swimming area at Tanumstrand two kilometers south of Grebbestad is suitable for children with a sandy beach volleyball court. There are toilets, showers, mini-golf course and restaurant in the nearby tourist resort.

Contact information

Tanum Turist

45772 Grebbestad

Phone: +46 525 61188

E-mail: info@grebbestad.se

Website: bohuslan.com/tanum