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Photographer: Linda Svensson, LS Photo & Design


Uddevalla is a well-kept secret surrounded by a unique landscape of the archipelago outside and fjords closest to the city. Here there are many beautiful places to visit, with a unique location by the sea in the middle of Bohuslän, it's easy to feel comfortable in Uddevalla - the heart of Bohuslän!

Activities in Uddevalla

During the summer there are extra much to do and many beautiful places to visit in Uddevalla. These include Gustafsberg, the oldest bathing resort dating from the 1700s, which is fantastically situated near the water. Learn about Gustafsbergs exciting history and view beautiful architecture, swim in the sea, enjoy dinner or take a coffee break in the sun. 

From Gustafsberg you can walk on the beautiful boardwalk which is a nine kilometrer long walkway leading from the unique Shell Bank Museum with the world's largest shell banks to the fine bathing spot Lindesnäs. The boardwalk is a lovely promenade along the sea, and just as beautiful year round. 

In Uddevalla, you can take the archipelago boats out in Bohuslän's archipelago. The boats will take you to Uddevallas fine beaches, but you can also go on day and evening cruise. For exampel you can take the boat to Bassholmen - an idyllic island in Uddevalla archipelago. It is a nature reserve and has a rich variety of genuine Swedish countryside. There is also a boat museum and a marina. The white archipelago boats leave from the South Harbour in the center of Uddevalla a couple of times a week during the summer. 

The location, food & people

Uddevalla is the vibrant city of Bohuslän with a wide range of events and culture all year round. During spring and summer Uddevalla invites to food markets, sportingevents and city festivals, such as Uddevalla Solid Sound - Bohuslän's largest music festival with Sweden's artistis elite on the scene, and Uddevallakalaset- a festival for the whole family. During the autumn and winter months there are markets, musical events and a series of atmospheric concerts that fill the calendar.   

Bohusläns museum is avibrant cultural center, situated in central Uddevalla with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Visit their exhibitions, lectures or other events. Here are art with genuine Swedish ties, contemporary art and permanent exhibitions showing Bohuslän's history.

Welcome toUddevalla - the heart of Bohuslän!