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Uddevalla - the food city

No matter whether you are in Uddevalla on a long vacation, a weekend trip, or just passing through, there is every reason to stop and take the opportunity to eat a bite or two while you are here. The city offers dining experiences of all kinds - from typical regional cuisine, the freshest fish and seafood dishes, to more globally-oriented food adventures at one of the city's many restaurants. One thing that you really need to set aside the time for when visiting our city is a proper snack - something traditional like a coffee and cinnamon bun, or perhaps a trendy and healt-inspired one, with green tea and raw pastry... Welcome to the food city, Uddevalla - exercise your taste buds!

Ample Food & Beverage

A bite to eat in the company of good friends, a romantic dinner with someone you love, or with the entire family a long on a lazy Sunday afternoon? We recommend Kerstin på Torget for those extra beautiful pendants – maybe chill out in the lounge, or sunbathe one’s nose at the open-air café? The hours easily disappear here while enjoying classic home cooking, with an ice-cold beer or two on the couch or in the sunshine.

Or why not try the latest in technology, while munching snacks at Pinchos? Here, you order and pay with your smartphone, and the offerings consist of delicious side dishes from around the world. Socialise over the table’s boundaries while munching on everything from dumplings to planked steak. To quench your thirst, consider a pitcher of sangria? Download the Pincho app and check out the menu now! 

The history and design-conscious will get one's fill of industrial nostalgic at the Varvet by Butlers, where one can easily remain long into the night. Food, drink and music in a pleasant and unpretentious environment, inspired by Uddevallavarvet – once the city’s largest workplace. Share a BBQ plate with your buddies before the evening begins, so you’ll have the strength to keep going all night long!

Another evening hangout we warmly recommend is Meatings at Hotel Carlia – their luxurious evening buffet is a must for meat lovers. Here you can freely choose between different cuts and cooking modes – all carved in place by the chefs. Perfect after a long day of sightseeing, or perhaps after a salty day at sea.

Snack & enjoy

In sugar sweet premises, precisely in the centre of town, you will find Lejas Café – inspired by the renown TV chef Leila Lindholm. Here it is home cooking, homemade bakery products, and organic all the way. Fresh ground coffee, divine pastries and a wide variety of lactose-free and gluten-free items on the menu. In addition, salads and sandwiches are served, and in the summer you can enjoy Lejonet & Björnen’s great ice cream!

Expect to get a really genuine Uddevalla coffee at Wienerkonditoriet at the corner of Kungsgatan and Kochska gränden. Uddevalla residents have been buying bread and pastries here since ancient times and everything sold is produced in-house at the local Dahlberg’s bakery. Take time for a snack of traditionally brewed coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon bun, in traditional patisserie environment. And don’t miss the opportunity to take an Uddevalla loaf home with you!

Eat with the Kids & Family

Hungry kids and large groups? There are lots of places in Uddevalla to satisfy the hunger of a family. If you fancy something small, say a little snack or maybe a scoop of ice cream, or perhaps three, the Hamnkafét - Harbour Café is right here for you. With Badhusparken’s first-rate playground right next to here, this is the place for parents to catch their breath, while the younger generation is off running, jumping and swinging for a while.

Even with a family, Pinchos can fit in well with its range of small dishes –it is easy here to satisfy the most discerning small taste buds, as everything is served in mini-format and you can order precisely what you want, all to your heart’s desire! Or why not take in a super decent lunch at Kärranäs Restaurant on Fröland and Pinin Farinas old grounds? Ideal for drivers!

At Coffee Roomer the environment is attractive and the offerings on the menu perfect for a hungry family – while the parents are happily eating the famous pasta salads (perhaps with homemade Karl-Johans Pesto?), the kids pick out their favourites in a children’s pasta, or are munching away on pancakes with ice cream.

And while we’re talking about ice cream, we must highlight Lejas at Kungstorget again. Where one will find namely – in addition to Lejonet & Björnen’s ice cream – even Fro-yo! For those who have not yet learned the slang term for this wonderful phenomenon, we simply have to explain: Frozen Yogurt – a delightful soft ice cream-like frozen yogurt with select yourself toppings (fruit, berries, candy and all kinds of goodies) are sold according to weight. A real life lifesaver in the summer heat.

Experience & eat

Maybe you’re hungry for more than just food – a large part of the dining experience is made by the surroundings one is in, and sometimes even the way there. Take a promenade along the Boardwalk or a boat from the centre of town to Gustafsberg, and here you will get to enjoy Uddevalla’s most beautiful side. Once there, you can choose to have lunch or a simple snack at Snäckan, which tempts with everything from the catch of the day’s fish and herring buffet to homebaked delights to enjoy with the coffee.

Want to enjoy watching the sunset on Gustafsberg and add little lapping waves to the experience? We recommend an outing with an archipelago ferry boat and a visit to Villa Lindesnäs – à la carte and full meals guarantee a comfortable evening in a wonderful turn of the century environment. Perhaps walk here, but then take the boat back? The archipelago ferries also offer seafood cruises during the summer months – a three hour tour among islets and rocks, with the freshest prawns, langoustines and lovely accompaniments…

If you crave a little culture with your food, the restaurant Kajkanten is a place you definitely should visit. The restaurant serves authentic home cooking, with traditional Bohuslän elements, with a salad buffet and homemade bread. When your stomach becomes satisfied, just step over into the Bohuslän Museum – located in the same building – and satisfy your cultural hunger. Here you will find permanent exhibitions covering Bohuslän’s natural and cultural history along with both permanent collections as well as travelling art exhibitions of various kinds.