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  • Photographer: Sandra Hansson

Bokenäset - a part of Uddevalla

Dark green beech forests and the smell of conifferous forests, cultural landscapes with relics and blue-gray rocks at the edge of the fjord - Bokenäset is Bohuslän in a nutshell.

Bokenäset really is Bohuslän in a nutshell. This peninsula offers both contrasts and harmony. Here you will find dark green beech- and conifferous forests with nice hiking trails, and you are always close to the blue-gray rocks and beaches that are framed by the Havstensfjord, Nordströmmarna and Gullmarsfjorden. Bokenäset has a prominent cultural landscape with relics and other trails from early settlers. 800 years ago, Dragsmark's monastery was a center of spirituality, education and culture. Whether you come to Bokenäset by boat, car or bike, you will find many nice places to enjoy nature in peace and quiet.

Havstensklippan that rises 119 meters above sea level offers a spectacular view of Uddevalla in the east and the outer archipelago in the west. Did you know that Oden chose Havstensklippan as settlement for his two ravens  ​Hugin and Munin to collect news about the world? A wise choice may seem, because there is always something exciting happening here at Bokenäset. 

Bassholmen - an enchanting beautiful island
There is something special with car-fee islands, this includes Bassholmen located in the middle of the beautiful Nordströms. According to the experienced kayaker, this is the best paddle waters in the world and if you are lucky you will experience bioluminescence in the moonlight. But what makes this island extra special is the beautiful blend of nature and cultural history. The nature on Bassholmen is enchantingly beautiful and its history is fascinating. During the 18th century's rich herring period, there was a herring saltery on the island where they produced fish oil that lit Paris streets during the French Revolution. Today you can visit the museum at Bassholmen and experience a part of Uddevallas golden age.

Live close to the sea 
Do you want to stay next to the sea with a nature reserve as your neighbor, close to all the happenings at Bokenäset, then the five star resort Havsten is the right place for you. Go for a swim and sunbath by the beach or the pool, enjoy something nice to eat and join in one of the activities suitable for both children and adults. Are you brave enough to go on the longest zipline in Norden? In the heart of Bohuslän, with a view overlooking Koljöfjorden you will find Bokenäset Hotel & Conference. Here you will find everything you need to relax. Have a seat in the restaurant and enjoy a well cocked meal. Then sink into a lovely hot tub on the terrace. When your eyelids start to feel heavy, your newly-bed is waiting in the room.

A meal with a veiw 
It's a staggering feeling to sit at the restaurant Stallgården and look out over the bay at Svälte kile and know that Snorre Sturlasson, in his storybooks about Nordic mythology, has written about events that have emerged right here. It doesn’t matter whether the stories are true or not; but it somehow make the view and the food even better. The restaurant situated in the farmhouse dating back to the 17th century, offers Western Swedish flavors. In the same premises you will find the popular interior design shop Två Fröknar, who also sells clothes.