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Winter at Bredfjället in Ljungskile.

Photographer: Anna Storm

5 of the best hiking trails in Uddevalla

For the nature lovers Uddevalla has got incredible hiking trails to offer. Walk along the sea or in the deepest pine forest among lakes and mires. In this guide we will advise you on Uddevallas 5 best hiking trails and places.

Whether you want to enjoy a beautiful afternoon walk or go out for a two-day hike and sleep in a wind shelter, Uddevallas nature offers endless possibilities. From hiking trails along a grain blue sea to high mountains and deep forests. In the slideshow above you can also see pictures from the various hiking trails. 

Hike in deep forests – Bredfjället (Ljungskile)
Bredfjället rises majestically over Ljungskile - hundred meters above sea level, a hilly blueberry-lush forest landscape springs out. Here you will find amazing hiking trails between 2.5 - 13km, the beautiful trails winds through deep forests, swimming and fishing lakes and along the way you will experience amazing culture in addition to nature. There are remains of cottages, cattle paths and underground cellars that testify about the popular era of the 1700s and 1800s. At Bredfjället you can enjoy hiking at any season and the hiking trails are easily to moderately hilly. 

Enjoy a beautiful walk by the sea - Strandpromenaden (Uddevalla)
The Strandpromenad in Uddevalla is perhaps the most popular hiking trail we have got on offer, especially the stretch along the sea. From Svenskholmen along the wooden boardwalk to Bodele, past Gustafsberg to Lindesnäs you walk right next to the corny blue sea. If you want to walk the whole promenade (9km) you start at Skalbankarna in the north and head south all the way to Lindesnäs. The Strandpromenad is beautiful and suitable for walks all season; you will find the charm here all year round! 

Magnificent Views - Hafstens Resort (Bokenäset) 
Near Hafstens Resort you will find hiking trails that offer magnificent views! The hiking trails go up and down the majestic Oceanside, and when you reach the summit you are invited to a breathtaking view. Be sure to bring the picnic basket and enjoy some coffee with the views. The hiking trails are suitable for all ages, but are very hilly. More information about hiking trails can be found at Hafstens Resort

Popular hiking trails - Herrestadsfjället (Uddevalla) 
Another highly appreciated nature reserve for hiking is Herrestadsfjället. There are miles of paths and trails for hiking and skiing. There are also rest cottages and wind shelters, which in most cases are established and managed by associations. Herrestadsfjället is a wooded area with a large range of hills, marshes and lakes. Here you can choose to walk with different starting points, for example from Åleslåsen / Hällerstugan or Klämman and the hiking trails range from 2.5 km and up.

Hiking with overnight stay - Bohusleden
Bohusleden offers a total of 37 kilometers of scenic and varied hiking. It stretches from Lindome in the south to Strömstad in the north and consists of 27 stages that allow for a day trip, weekend or longer. Stages 11-14 runs through Uddevalla through bare marshes and hills, partly untouched forests and pass croft ruins. Along Bohusleden there are also several wind shelters that allow overnight stays.