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Go shopping mad in Uddevalla

Uddevalla boasts a solid shopping range. Here you will find everything from charming farm shops, downtown shopping on cobbled streets to shopping mall! In addition, there are outlets and popular second hand stores well worth a visit. Whatever you are looking for, you can always shop in Uddevalla!

Uddevalla is full of cozy cafes and has several trendy restaurants, but there is also a unique range of shops that offers the out of the ordinary and exclusive that you will not find anywhere else. Let us guide you through our gems! 

Living Room is the perfect store to visit when you need a gift for a friend or yourself. Here you will find everything from jewelry and interior design to clothing and beauty products. Uddevalla Center proudly boasts more lifestyle stores, Himla Fint offers, like the store's name, heavenly decorative gadgets and clothes for both adults and children. Under the same category, there is also Sagolika hem, which is also a perfect gift and interior design store and what they sells is unique and different.

Are you looking to buy new clothes, we highly recommend the shop Soul, a personalized shop with fun and different clothes at a good price range. Here you can fill your wardrobe with clothes not worn by everyone else and fantastic service. But if it's clothes for the little ones you're looking for Uddevalla center have got two lovely children store stores to offer Store4kidz and BiM.

In addition to the above mentioned stores, Uddevalla Center also offers Lindex, Dressman, Hemtex, Eurosko, Hallman's bookstore, Kicks, Standard, Sko Karlsson, Clas Ohlson and many others. All shops in Uddevalla center and opening hours!

Shopping mall Pulse
In the middle of Uddevalla and in the heart of Bohuslän lies Torp Shopping Mall for those who want to shop new and experience a shopping mall! With close to 90 stores here you will find everything you could possibly need. Fill the wardrobe or shop for the barbecue party. Next to the shopping center is also one of Sweden's largest IKEA, the whole family can have a wonderful day filled with fun and play.

The Pentecost Church’s second-hand is perhaps Uddevallas most popular second-hand shop. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, when the store is open, the queue begins to build up long before the doors open. Another store well worth a visit is Antik-Harry's, here the crystal chandeliers sparkle and the clocks are out of step. Collectors from all over the world come here to find the thing with a big T! Further up on the same street, Da Capo Second Hand & Crafts opens up their doors and, in addition to second-hand assortments, offers home-made ceramics and textile products. 

For those who have access to a car, you will find Loppis Uddevalla a little outside the center, here you will find lots of gadgets, furniture, glasses, clothes ... yes, almost everything and anything! 

South of Uddevalla lies Ljungskile center with its small, yet very cozy pedestrian street. Here you will find a really good outlet in the old knitwear factory, right next to the railway station, namely Resteröds outlet, which is completely at home in its old production facility with trendy clothes and underwear. Within walking distance you will also find the shop Sprudla, which offers both interior design, clothes, jewelry and much more. It is rare to leave the shop without one or two shopping bags. 

On the other side of the E6 (don’t stress, you can walk here safely but it's a little bit to walk) you can experience Kärrstegens Gård a deli shop filled with nostalgia and home decor. Here you will find the best of the best! Well on the water side is Ulvesund's greenhouse, a different garden by the sea, which offers both coffee and a slice of cake in the greenhouse café and a commercial garden - a tranquil place that sprouts on life!

Second hand 
In Ljungskile is the shop Bytt & Blandat, which has full focus on environmental thinking. They have a lot for children both clothes, toys and other accessories. Another tip for the bargain hunter is to look out for “Loppis” (car boot sail) signs along country roads and in farm buildings, especially during the summer, “loppisar” appear throughout Bohuslän. 

In the idyllic rural village of Bokenäset, all your shopping senses are stimulated. Although the range of stores is not as wide as in Uddevalla or Ljungskile center, it is oh so good! In an old granary you will find the popular interior shop Två Fröknar, who will offer you a mix of interior designe, clothes, accessories and beautiful scents.