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Play Padel all year round

The racket sport padel is growing rapidly and in Uddevalla there are several halls and courts for game enthusiasts, both indoors and outdoors.

Padel, sometimes referred to as paddle tennis, is a racket sport that originated in Spain and Latin America. The origin of paddle is unclear, however, similar games appeared on English cruise ships as early as the 1920s. Padel can be described as a wonderful mix of tennis and squash. Padel is social, easy to learn and suits everyone - old and young players, with or without prior knowledge. If you can  hit a ball, you can play paddle, so they say.  

Find a course in Uddevalla;

PLX Padel
Large hall with high ceilings, 11 bookable indoor courses. Shop available in the hall.

Uddevalla Tennis & Padel
3 indoor courses.

Ljungskile offers;

Lyckorna Golfklubb
2 outdoor courses. 

At Bokenäs you can play in the following places;

Bokenäs paddle with two bookable indoor courses.

Hafsten Resort with a bookable outdoor course.

Some of the courses are on matchi. Others are booked on each facility's own booking page. In 2022, more outdoor courts and halls are planned to open.