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  • Hönö Klåva

Summerferry Gothenburg city - Hönö Klåva

Between May and sep 2022 you can take a ferry from central Gothenburg to Hönö Klåva in the Gothenburg Archipelago. Every day, except monday

10 Islands to explore from Hönö Klåva

From Hönö Klåva you can continue your journey and explore all the 10 northern Islands in the Gothenburg Archipelago!

Swim close to the ferry stop

Just a short walk from the ferry and bus stop in Hönö Klåva there is plenty of good spots for a dip in the western sea.

Events in Hönö Klåva

There is a lot of different events all year round in Hönö Klåva.

Bring your own bike or rent one here

If you buy your boat ticket online you can also pay some extra to bring your bike onboard. In Hönö Klåva you can rent a bike from Paolos Cykel.

Island hopping in Bohuslän

Did you know you can Island Hop all the way from Gothenburg in the south to Smögen in the north. Hönö Klåva and the Island of Vinga is the first two stops if you start your trip from Gothenburg.

20 different shops to choose from

In Hönö Klåva you´ll find a toystore, clothing stores, second hand, bike rental, hardware, fish shop, shoe store, health store, gym and everything in between.

Skärgårdshotellet Hönö

Comfortable hotel with 16 rooms on the dock of Hönö Klåva


Hotel and hostel that also offers Fishing Tours.

This accomodation is situated about 2 km from Hönö Klåva in Hönö Röd.

Hönö cabins

Modern cabins built 2014 with fully equiped kitchen and bathrooms.

This accomodation is situated in Hönö Röd, 2 km from Hönö Klåva.


There is also a lot of private accomodations rented out via Airbnb on all of the northern Islands.