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Photographer: Arvid Johansson

Potatisleden hiking trail

Hiking trail around Alingsås

A lovely hiking trail that passes through forests and fields around Alingsås. If you go the whole trail, it may take 4-5 hours if you walk quite fast, but if you are planing on hike, stop for a coffebreak and just have a good time it will take you a few more hours. Put on the boots and go out and enjoy.

Potatisleden (The Potato hiking trail) is a 15-16 kilometer long hiking trail around Alingsås. The trail is marked with orange signs and goes around the city centre, in the beautiful surrounding nature.

The trail is quite close to the city all the time, but still offers a nice feeling of nature. The most beautiful part of the trail is in the beginning and in the end, with old oak forests and smaller paths.

If you want to leave the trail earlier it is easy to go back to the city centre with one of the city buses frequenting along the vicinity of the trail.

Click here for a map over the trail 

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