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Photographer: Lena Lindberg Wong


Trotting - The Right Way

Everyone who knows about harness racing and trotting in Sweden knows about “Åmålstravet”. The races take place during the spring, summer and fall, with visitors from all over the country. Åmålstravet is one of Sweden's five 800-meter racetracks and we do it "The right way" as Sweden's only right way racetrack.

About the racetrack

The trotting racetrack in Åmål is usually called Åmålstravet but is actually named Arena Åmålstravet and is one of Sweden's many trotting racetracks. The track measures only 800 meters, making it one of the country's smallest trotting tracks.

The restaurant

Between races, you may want to get a bite to eat in the restaurant or maybe just a hotdog as an appetizer. 

Contact information



66231 Åmål

Phone: +46 053216640

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: amalstravet.se