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Photographer: Fengers Husrum

Fengers Husrum

Spend the night in a retro store

Fengers Husrum in the picturesque region of Dalsland offers overnight accommodation and breakfast with a distinct retro feel. You can purchase whatever takes your fancy in the store, whether it be an armchair, lamp, mirror, table or painting.

A journey through time with comfortable, relaxing accommodation

Fengers Husrum is just a stone’s throw from the historic Fengersfors Mill and the arts and crafts cooperative Not Quite. You will stay in what could only be described as a retro store where everything – literally everything – is for sale. Many of the design items from the 1940s to the 1970s are used to decorate the four double rooms. Regardless of which room you choose – Disponenten, Dalsland, Helmer or Fröskog – the retro feel is the same throughout. Large comfortable beds, WiFi, and a shared bathroom. Parking is included. Some rooms also have an open fire.

Photographer: Fengers Husrum

Wood-fired is the best

The bakery, Brukets Godaste, uses locally sourced organic flour to provide freshly baked bread direct from a woodfired oven. You prepare lunch and dinner together in the shared kitchen. If you find the idea of cooking a little daunting, you can always enlist the services of Marcus, a chef and one of the owners. Or you could even order a pizza from Brukets Bistro, also made in a wood-fired oven.

Historical mill setting and art centre

Spectacular nature and an historical mill setting located out in the wilds will certainly inspire your sense of creative reflection and physical and mental recuperation. There are a number of activities to choose from in the area, including a guided mill walk, golf, cycling, tennis, walking trails, and visits to ancient remains. In the old mill area, you can experience everything at first hand – from a traditional smithy to works of art and baking sourdough bread. From May to September you can also get a true feel for these old industrial buildings and their history from the inside.


Contact information

Fengers Husrum

Fröskogsvägen 1

66295 Fengersfors

Phone: +46 0761700597

E-mail: info@fengers.se

Website: fengers.se