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Photographer: Hagenberg.se

Hagenberg bygdegård - Hostel

Hostel 6 km from Åmål

A small hostel at Hagenberg - Åmål Västra Bygdegårdsförening (community center). They offer one doubleroom and one room with four beds.

Hagenberg - Åmål Västra Bygdegårdsförening (community center) offers both facilities for parties and events and accommodation in their hostel.

Two rooms

There are two beds in one of the rooms and four beds in the other room. Both rooms share kitchen, shower and toilet. It is possible to rent bedlinen if you do not want to bring your own. The distance to Åmål city center is about 6 km.

Contact information

Hagenberg - Åmåls Västra Bygdegårdsförening

Jakobsbyn 402


Phone: +46

E-mail: bokning@hagenberg.se

Website: hagenberg.se