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Photographer: Lena Lindberg Wong

Not Quite Café & Bistro

Bistro in the old smithy

The old smithy at Fengersfors Bruk now houses a mix of restaurant and café, simply what you usually call a bistro in France.

The Bistro has about thirty seats indoors. Summer time is also plenty of space at the outdoor seating in the sculpture park. Not Quite Café & Bistro cooperates with the stoves oven bakery, which is houses at Fengersfors Bruk. Locally produced and nutritious ingredients, and each year they arrange a highly appreciated semmelcafé.

Enjoy pastries, good food and a beer or two.

Contact information

Not Quite Café & Bistro

Fabriksvägen 2

66295 Fengersfors

Phone: +46 070-3294412

E-mail: malin@notquite.se

Website: notquite.se