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Photographer: Lena Lindberg Wong

Åmåls Strandcafé

A peaceful cafe next to the water

Åmåls Strandcafé is a peaceful café serving both pastries, ice cream and beer. In the summer most people settle in the large leafy garden right next to the water, where by the name (Strandcafé means The beach café). A cozy and snug cottage decorated with bright colors that feel both modern and characteristic of its history.

Large garden

Musicians are often invited during the summer evenings and during Åmåls Bluesfest the Strandcafé is a must for blues lovers. There are many tables in the garden and plenty of space, enjoy the rustling trees and the sound of water from the lake. 

Contact information

Åmåls Strandcafé

Strandgatan 3

66231 Åmål

Phone: +46