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Photographer: Emma Augustsson

The mill of Tollebol

Water mill from the 1870s with a summer café

This water mill from the 1870s has an intact waterwheel, a water race and a millpond. It is idyllically situated at a small rapid in Åmålsån about two kilometers west of central Åmål.


Classified as historically significant

The old mill is owned by the municipality but is managed and operated by Åmåls Western Village associations. The mill had a gentle renovation and refurbishment in 1981. The mill of Tollebol is one of the last preserved water-powered mills in Dalsland and is a cultural attraction of great importance. 

Summer café

The mill has a small cafe in the summer where they serve waffles, homemade cakes and coffee the summer. Buy the mill's own flour and see the mill's machinery. There is a nice bike path here and bicycle trips are arranged from the mill Tuesdays in July.

Contact information

Tollebols kvarn


66291 Åmål

Phone: +46 0730795348

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