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Photographer: Lena Lindberg Wong

Tösse archipelago

Beautiful nature and a lot of islands

Tösse archipelago is the largest archipelago in Dalsland. The archipelago consists of about 30 islands which are uninhabited nature reserves. Here you will find beautiful natural ports, beaches and docks.

Åmål has always had a close relationship with Lake Vänern. For many hundreds of years, Åmål was an important trading and shipping city. Today it is mostly pleasure boats that visit Åmål, to experience the beautiful archipelago and visit Åmål and the central guest harbor.

The biggest islands


Just at the entrance to Åmål lies the island of Fogden with its lighthouse. The first lighthouse on the island was built in 1851. The current lighthouse was lit for the first time in June, 1935. Since 1993, the old house of the lighthouse keeper has been used by the Säffle-Åmål diving club.


The last few years there has been full activity on this island. The non-profit association called ”Öfolket” is working to renovate and restore the old cottage that was built here in 1850. They want to make the area accessible to the public and preserve the island's history. They are building hiking trails and work to restore the island back to how it used to be over 100 years ago.


On the island Sandön you will find a beautiful and secluded sandy beach called the "Riviera". There is also a dock for boats, a dance floor, toilets and small hiking trails on the island.


Here you will find a beach and lots of berries and mushrooms in summer. There is a dock, a playground, lawns and houses used by the sailing club.

Contact information

Åmåls Turistbyrå

Hamngatan 3


Phone: +46 053217098

E-mail: turism@amal.se

Website: dalsland.com/amal