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Tösse Church

Big church in small locality

Tösse church was inaugurated on November the 5th, 1848. The church was built with a Greek style. During the renovation in 1978, the church got a "little-church" installed in the cloister, where smaller church services are practiced.

Unusually large

The last service was held in Tösse medieval church in 1812 when the two parishes Tösse and Tydje were joined together and the 18th century church in Tydje was used until 1848 when the new Tösse Church was taken in use. With its length of 45 meters it is one of the biggest churches in the diocese.

Worth seeing inside

The middle Ionian columns in the choir support a pediment with the inscription “ Glory be to God on high”. In the middle is a gilded cross with a shroud and a thorn crown symbolizing Christ’s victory over death.

Contact information

Åmåls Församling

66298 Tösse

Phone: +46 0532607880

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Website: svenskakyrkan.se/amal