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Photographer: Lena Lindberg Wong

Vassvikens Gammalt o Nytt

Antiksafari partner

At Vassvikens Gammalt o Nytt (Vassviken old and new) you will find great commitment and a great variety of flea market items, retro, antique & collectibles. The largest second hand store in Åmål!

In a large barn outside Ånimskog you will find the largest second hand store in Åmål. As the name says, they sell both old and new items here. They have a good nose for current items and most items sold here are of fine quality.


They also have a small shop on Kungsgatan in Åmål where they sell smaller items.


Vassvikens gammalt och nytt is an antiksafari.com partner!

Contact information

Vassvikens Gammalt och Nytt

Vassviken 501


Phone: +46 0738288026

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