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Hike at Horborgasjön

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Tips för autumn excursions

Falköping in the autumn has much to offer in the form of picturesque scenery, culture and children’s activities. Why not combine your chosen activities with some delicious food and drink options? Below are 9 suggestions for great autumn excursions!

1. Lake Hornborgasjön – A bird lake in picturesque surroundings

Lake Hornborgasjön is a beautiful spot to visit all year round. It is one of Europe’s most important bird lakes, with Naturum visitor centre up on pillars out over the lake at Fågeludden on its eastern shore. There are a number of excellent hiking trails and barbecue areas in the nature reserve around the lake. 


  • In autumn, the cranes pay a return visit to Lake Hornborgasjön. However, this is a more low-key affair than in spring, since they now have their offspring with them. The best viewing spot is the Trandansen site at Bjurum at sunset.
  • The Pilgrimsleden Trail (Falköping to Varnhem) passes by Lake Hornborgasjön. Discover the undulating cultural landscape, the ruins of two mediaeval abbeys, woodland, meadows and a wealth of birdlife as you hike the trail.
  • Just a stone’s throw from Naturum visitor centre is Café Doppingen, offering refreshments and lunches accompanied by beautiful views of Lake Hornborgasjön.

2. Mösseberg and Ålleberg plateau mountains

The large recreation area at Mösseberg affords scenic views over Falköping and Falbygden. You can hike, have fun on the playgrounds, run, play disc golf, visit the animal park or go mountain-biking. Ålleberg is Västra Götaland’s highest plateau mountain, and is largely nature reserve. You will find three hiking trails of varying lengths and levels of difficulty, naturally accompanied by picturesque views. 

Ålleberg and Mösseberg form part of Platåbergens Geopark, which is Sweden’s first UNESCO global geopark. 

3. Cheese traditions at Falbygdens Osteria

Falbygdens Osteria is now run by the fifth generation of the same family and is known for its cheeses and other delicatessen products. It features a 25-metre-long cheese counter displaying the osteria’s cheeses, imported delicatessen cheeses and cheeses from small local producers. You can enjoy the cheese buffet in their restaurant or purchase items from the shop. 


  • Every year on 10/10 at 10 am marks the start of their Christmas season, with an abundance of Christmas decorations, Christmas cheeses and other goodies for sale.

4. Exciting experiments at Dalénium Science Center

Discover exciting experiments, tricky problems to solve and magical shows at Dalénium Science Center. In our experiment hall you can try out a multitude of activities. Why not test your audio memory or try making your way through the laser course without disrupting the beams?


  • Stenstorp is also home to the Dalén Museum, showcasing the inventions of Gustaf Dalén. (Open until 18 Sept)
  • Gunvor Johdets Bonadssamling is a small museum housing 800 tapestries featuring thoughtful texts and is located close to Dalénium.

5. Art and good food at Löfwings Ateljé & Krog

Here you can view Göran Löfwing’s nature-inspired works, both indoors and out. Alongside the gallery is a restaurant and café with a picturesque outdoor dining area. If you fancy an overnight stay, then Konstnärsvillan B&B is just a stone’s throw from the gallery. 


  • Other accommodation options in the area include Nästegården, where you stay in a picturesque 19th-century setting with restored period buildings, and Bosgården with its charming cottages.
  • Skaraborg Culture Route passes by Lake Hornborgasjön and Löfwings. This is a brown/white-signposted tourist trail between Karleby and Tidan. It takes in numerous fascinating visitor attractions and plenty of picturesque scenery. Download the app for your local guide!

6. ‘The Farmer’s Year’ exhibition at Cesarstugan

A fascinating exhibition for both young and old. You can explore the life of a farmer in 1930s and 40s Sweden. The exhibition features vintage vehicles, buildings, equipment and at least 50 remarkably lifelike wax figures. Food and refreshments are available in the restaurant.


  • Not far away is interior design store Kdesign, with an attractive assortment of pots, garden ornaments, flowers and lamps. It also has a café serving coffee and cakes, sandwiches and salads.
  • At Gudhem you can explore the ruins of the Cistercian abbey that was founded here in the 1160s. Gudhem parish church is also sited here and a small abbey garden.

7. Shopping in Falbygden

The countryside around Falköping and Lake Hornborgasjön boasts a number of charming farm shops, where you can browse among beautiful items, exciting artwork and local delicacies.


  • Visit the quaint town centre and wander around the local shops. 


8. Elk, bison and fallow deer at Wrågården

Wrågården has become known for its spectacular accommodation, where families can stay overnight in the heart of their elk and deer park in a cottage shaped like an elk. However, there are plenty of other activities aside from their overnight accommodation. Join a safari among the bison, view the majestic residents of their elk park, or why not have a go at padel tennis, football golf or pentathlon contests? 


9. Ancient times in Falbygden at Falbygdens Museum

Falbygdens Museum explores unique local history, going back to prehistoric times. Come and discover the fascinating exhibition “Ancient times in Falbygden” with melting ice, Scandinavia’s oldest domestic dog, the young Raspberry Girl sacrificed in a bog and the story of the gold collar from Ålleberg.


  • Falbygden is home to around 260 passage graves, which is unparalleled in Sweden. The museum has an information map and a suggested tour route.
  • Another historical site can be found around 10 km from Falköping. – Sweden’s largest collection of ‘hill cottages’. Åsle tå is a unique historic environment dating from the 18th and 19th centuries (open until September). Café and restaurant with expertly prepared dishes and home-made refreshments.

More excursion tips and further information

We recommend checking the venues’ own websites for further information on opening times before planning a visit, as these may vary during the season!

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