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Photographer: Falköpings kommun

Gudhems nunnery

Understand the history of the Swedish Cistercian nuns

In Gudhems nunnery you can experience the location of Jan Guillou’s book about Arn Magnusson. It was there that Arn’s fiancée, Cecilia, spent her 20 years of penance while Arn was fighting as a Temple Knight. The excellent conservation work now enables you to have an overview of all the ruins and see the archaeological findings in the nunnery museum.

Interior picture from the museum. A book table and stone pillar

Photographer: Falköpings kommun

See and learn about the Cistercian nunnery

You can follow the excavation of the nunnery ruins that Dr Stig Roth started 80 years ago, experience what a day in a Cistercian nunnery was like and see how widely spread the Cistercians were during the Middle Ages in Europe. In Stenhallen you can see the remains of hundreds of finds made during the twentieth century. With all their detailed knowledge, the museum guides can tell you more about the nunnery and the Cistercians in Sweden and Europe.

Photographer: Falköpings kommun

In the middle of Västergötland

The nunnery and museum lie just north of Falköping, in the middle of Västergötland. If you’re there in the spring, take the opportunity to witness the amazing crane dance at lake Hornborgasjön nearby.

Contact information

Gudhems Klostermuseiförening

52194 Falköping

Phone: +46 70 681 96 47

E-mail: info@gudhem.se

Website: gudhem.se