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Sju sjöars led/Seven lakes trail

Walk in magical forests, and historic landscapes rich in culture.

The Sju sjöars led / seven lakes trail is a 12 kilometre long distance walking trail, through diverse landscapes and beautiful countryside, with several places worth seeing along the way. You’ll hike along varying surfaces through forests, farmland and passes next to seven lakes.



Quick facts

Längd: 12 km  

Tidsåtgång: 4-5 hours

Svårighetsgrad: moderate

Terräng: forest paths, fields and gravelled roads


Rest Areas

Proper resting areas with barbecue facilities are available at Grästorpasjön and at Jämnesjön's bathing area. Along the trail there are several natural resting places where you can settle down for a break and a picnic.


The outdoor toilet is available all year and are to be found next to Jämnesjön's bathing area.
Toilet trolley is set up next to lake Grästorpasjön and is open year around

  • Photographer: B. S.

  • Photographer: B. S.

  • Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

  • Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

  • Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

  • Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

  • Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

  • Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

  • Photographer: Anneli Goulding

Tourist attractions

  • Hålväg - Next to Grästorpasjön there is a old road (called hålväg) its situated south of the parking lot (the Pilgrim trail follows this one a bit).
  • Fårahyttan -  visit Fårahyttan. It is open to visitors. The cabin is nice to rent if you have an event. Contact Fölene hub for booking.
  • Border markings are found in a few places along the trail and show the border that once marked the old Kronoparken and the Edsweden community from 1695.
  • Giant pots are marked on the map and are in close proximity to the trail.
  •  Old Cottages ruins - along the trail you also pass some old cottage ruins.
  • Sights in Södra Härene - Jättakullen one of the Nordic region's largest rock chests. A little south from the church there is Lundskullen and Södra Härene church ruin. These can be read more on www.vargarda.se


At Jämnesjön there is a bathing area with jetty laid out during the summer, you walk along the Kärringleden to the other side of the lake there is another bathing place.

At Grästorpasjön there is a smaller jetty and here are also opportunities for a swim in the lake. Proximity to other hiking trails

In connection with Seven Lakes' trail, there are the following trails that you can combine

  • Föleneleden - White marker Hackebergsleden - Green and yellow markings
  • Gäsene-Herrljungabygden's pilgrimage - Red mark with the Saint Olof mark Eggvenalederna - Red, yellow and green markings (see map)
  • Kärringleden - Red marker (one red-painted foot)
  • At lake Långesjö you can follow the road south to get to the Eggvena trails and to Eggvena village.


Picnic or barbecue

Buy something good to eat for to bring with you on your hike

In Herrljunga you find several caféshops, restaurants and supermarkets where you can by food, pastries and sanwiches and bring with you on you hike.

Route description from Grästorpasjön

At Grästorpasjön the trail joins the trail Föleneleden,(white mark on the posts), a few kilometers before turning into the forest towards Jämnesjön. Here you will see one of the beautiful Edsweden stones, a boundary mark against the old Crownpark Edsweden from 1695.
At Grästorpasjön there are possibilities for walk around the lake (about 1,5 km). There is also a small dock and barbecue area. The association Fölenenavet maintains the open-air area and the attraction an rebulided Sheepcabin (Fårahyttan).


Here you can find places for rent and for a overnight stay.

Hjälm's cottage
Windshelters- Eggvena Equmeniakyrkan
Accomondations in Herrljunga:
Herrljunga hotel and conferense

Right of public access:

The public right means that we all have access to nature, but that includes both rights and obligations. Remember not to prevent landowners in their business. You may pass through fenced pasture and you should not disturb the animals or damage the fence.  Be careful not to ride or cycle over soft, delicate ground, in marked exercise tracks, ski trails or hiking trails. 

Hunting rules

Signs with the text "Hunting is going on" or similar text does not mean that it is forbidden to be in the forest, but you should be aware that hunting is going on and show consideration for the hunters. (Right of public access) Hunting mainly occurs in the area around October to March. During huntingseason you can in some areas be shown where to take an alternative way.

Read more about hunting and fishing at: https://www.naturvardsverket.se/Var-natur/Allemansratten/Det-har-galler/Jakt-och-fiske/ Read more about the Right of public access on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's website.


Contact, Eggvena Hembygdsförening.

Fact about the trail


The trail is a nice hike of 12 km.

Approximate times:

Estimated walking time at a leisurely pace is about 4-5 hours.



The trail has orange marking on posts, trees and arrows.

Blue markings shows where you can take an alternative way, during hunting season.

Level of difficulty:

Moderately difficult - Accessibility should be good. The walk takes place partly on gravelled roads and on forestpaths. For a person with normal fitness, the level difference is no problem.

Start and end:


Grästorpasjön north of Herrljunga village and Hasselkroken in Södra Härene.

The trail is not a roundabout route and therefore make sure to plan how to get back, to the starting point if you don't want to walk the same route back.
Parking is available at both the Hasselkroken just next to E20, Grästorpasjön and at Jämnesjön's bathing area (halfway along the trail).


How to get here:

The trail can be hiked in both directions

Starting in Södra Härene - park the car at E20 at Hasselkroken.
You can also get here by bus from either Vara or Vårgårda. The busstop's name is Hasselkroken.

Starting at Grästorpasjön, you can drive and park at the lake Grästorpasjön.

From Herrljunga - Drive Bitternavägen towards Bitterna / Lekåsa from Herrljunga approx. 3.2 km from the railway station in Herrljunga. Turn left onto a small grawelled road running about 6-700m.

From Bitterna / Lekåsa - Drive Bitternavägen towards Herrljunga approx. 5 km. Turn right onto a small dirt road running about 6-700m.

Starting at Jämnesjön - From Eggvena, drive north at the junction in Eggvena towards Södra Härene. Turn right onto a smaller gravel road after about 100 meters and follow the road for approx. 2 km until you reach Jämnesjön's summer home.

Hike from Herrljunga - The trail can be reached by walking along the Bitternavägen or along the Pilgrims Trail Herrljunga - Gäsenebygdens pilgrim trail to Lake Grästorpasjön.

Map for printing/download

Contact information

Vandringsled Sju sjöars led

Herrljunga & Vårgårda

Phone: +460708 486811

E-mail: lottatea@gmail.com

Website: hembygd.se/eggvena