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Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Kinnekulle MTB trails

MTB trails for both beginners and professionals

Discovering Kinnekulle from the bike is a really cool experience. Here there are MTB trails in five different lengths and levels of difficulty, four starting from Kinnekullegården and the Kinnekulleden which you can start at different places. The courses are designed to suit both beginners and professionals. Here there are opportunities to do everything from a simple bicycle excursion to demanding climbs and steep slopes.

Read more and see maps of all MTB trails below. 

Kinnekulleden MTB

You can cycle on almost the entire Kinnekulleden, in a couple of places hikers and cyclists are separated to protect nature. This route shows you exactly where to cycle to get to the right place. Follow the signs and be aware of hikers along the trail.

Salen runt - Högkullen

This trail is classified as easy and runs mostly on dirt roads and flat forest paths. The trail starts on asphalt with a short uphill followed by downhill, then it's time for forest paths, gravel and wonderfully winding downhills where the daredevils can pick up the pace! Then begins the climb to get back,

It starts from the southeast corner of the parking lot at Kinnekullegården, turn left onto the asphalt road and follow the green markings.


Skagenslingan - Högkullen

This blue trail is classified as medium. It starts from the southeast corner of the parking lot at Kinnekullegården, follow the blue markings.


Sprängestan Högkullen

This trail is considered difficult due to technical parts. It starts from the southeast corner of the parking lot at Kinnekullegården, follow the red markings.


Intervallslingan Högkullen

This is a short trail of 900 meters that is perfect for intervals - hence the name. It starts from the southeast corner of the parking lot at Kinnekullegården, follow the yellow markings.


Fantastic nature

Kinnekulle is popularly called "the blooming mountain". The unique geological structure characterizes the area and have a number of rare plants, among them the beautiful and tasty wildonion and a number of different orchids. Don't miss a stop and enjoy the view of Lake Vänern or cycle past the Kinnekulle Grand Quarry.



When the legs are tired and the body needs rest, there are several different options to choose from. Here you will find suggestions for accommodation in and around Kinnekulle.

Food & coffee

It is clear that you both have to eat and drink well when you MTB on Kinnekulle. There are several really good restaurants and cozy cafes here that will be happy to serve you something good. Find them here!

Biosphere area Vänerskärgården with Kinnekulle

Biosphere area Vänerskärgården with Kinnekulle is Sweden's second biosphere area designated by Unesco in 2010. Geographically, the Biosphere area stretches from Sjötorp and Torsö in the north to Kållandsö and Läckö castle in the west. Biosphere areas are formed to develop methods for long-term sustainable interaction between humans and the environment. Local cooperation is the basis!

Fact about the trail


Kinnekulle is an area with high natural values ​​and there is an unusual concentration of valuable nature and a large number of rare plants and animals at Kinnekulle. The MTB trails aim to preserve nature by directing MTB cyclists to the marked bike trails. If you cycle on the Kinnekulle hiking trail, remember to show consideration for hikers and to follow signs where you are not allowed to cycle on the trail, for example through the Västerplana Storäng nature reserve.


The cycle paths are only marked in one direction. It is for the safety of cyclists. Follow the arrows to avoid crashing on the trail.

Start and end:

The MTB trails start at the bike wash at Kinnekullegården at the top of Kinnekulle. Here there are information boards with information about the trails as well as a box for rules that apply to the trails. To increase safety, cyclists must cycle in the same direction on all routes. You can choose between 4 shorter circular loops or the Kinnekulleden. Remember you are sharing the area with walkers so pay attention to the trails.

How to get here:

You can take the Kinnekulle train with the bike directly to Kinnekulle if there is space, there are several stops near the trail. Bus line 106 from Lidköping-Götene goes to Källby and 221 goes Götene-Årnäs to Hällekis.