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Four people on three scooters are driving through a beautiful green landscape with blue sky and grazing cows near the road.

Photographer: Tobias Andersson

Northern farm shop tour

Skaraborg boasts a wealth of farm shops for those interested in locally produced ingredients, homewares, gardening items and products from small-scale producers. We’ve put together 3 routes that take you past several real gems among farm shops. You know the kind of place – where you can easily while away an hour or three. Head out on a farm shop tour now and discover your favourites!

Mariestad – Skövde – Tibro – Töreboda – Karlsborg

This farm shop tour takes you through varying landscapes and to many wonderful treasure troves. Our route starts just outside Mariestad, in the heart of the small community of Lugnås. Here you will find Petterssons Charkuteri, offering traditional sales of home-made cured-meat products made from Swedish ingredients and top-quality meat. We travel on for a while, until level with Övertorp and a little way outside Skövde. Here on the northern slopes of Billingen you will find Prästakvarna Gårdsbutik. This self-service farm shop is open 24 hours a day, stocking everything from eggs, honey and meat to KRAV-cultivated strawberries and vegetables.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

On the other side of Billingen, in the midst of the beautiful Valle region, lies LyckeLamm. A sheep farm breeding Gotland sheep. In their farm shop you will find home-produced lambskin products, furniture, eggs, honey from the farm and, above all, their own lamb. 

We leave the beautiful surroundings of LyckeLamm and cut over the mountain, through the centre of Skövde and out onto the plains towards Varola. En route we stop at Öm Sörgården 1. Here you can visit Sörgårdsmjölk, with a farm shop selling KRAV-certified organic milk and yoghurt. The milk and yoghurt is pasteurised in the farm’s own dairy and then sold in their on-site farm shop. You can fill your own bottle from a milk vending machine, which is refilled with fresh milk every day. Not far from Sörgårdsmjölk is yet another milk producer, namely Esbjörnstorps Gårdsmjölk in Värsås. They also produce milk and yoghurt in their own dairy to be sold in their on-site farm shop and to local shops. The farm shop is self-service, and in addition to the milk vending machine, you will also find other locally produced products from the surrounding area.  

The next stop on our farm shop tour is Lilla Spännefalla, a farm that breeds lambs, Linderöd pigs and Limousin cows. Their on-site abattoir produces a broad range of cuts of meat from beef, pork, lamb and game, as well as a large selection of processed products such as various kinds of sausage, pâté and jam. We pass through Tibro and head north towards Västerhönsa Gårdsbutik, where you can take the opportunity to stock up on vegetables for your fridge. Västerhönsa is a farm growing potatoes, carrots, beetroot, dill, onions and parsnips, which you can buy in their farm shop. Back in the car and a little further on, we come to KRAV-labelled and organic Abberuds Gård. They conduct farming and forestry operations and breed Simmental cattle. You can buy Abberud’s own honey and beef from their farm shop.

The next stop on our tour is on the other side of Lake Viken, Ebels Bigård, a small-scale family bee-keeping enterprise just outside Töreboda. You can sample the honey at the small farm shop on the property and pick your favourites to take home. Our next venue enjoys a picturesque setting alongside the Göta Canal, Lerbo Trädgård. This wonderful garden setting is sure to inspire you as you browse their selection of products to enhance your home and garden. 

Photographer: Nadja Odenhage

We leave Lerbo Trädgård and head for Lake Unden and the forests of Tiveden. In Hallerud, with views of the lake, we call at Rikardsgården. Amidst the tranquillity of nature you will find a rural farm shop and a café. Here they focus on locally produced, home-grown, locally grown and foraged items and on the shelves you will find home-made bread, chocolates, preserves, herb salts, tea, coffee, honey, frozen meat products, and more. All locally grown and locally produced at Rikardsgården or from small-scale local producers.

Photographer: Emma Ekstrand

On the other side of Lake Unden, more precisely in Sannerud, we make our final stop. Here at the foot of Tiveden National Park you will find Tiveds Lanthandel. A general store where you can find almost everything you might need, and with a real sense of pride in their own delicatessen and alder-smoked products. The delicatessen range includes goodies from the on-site smokehouse, cream cheeses, sausages and salads.