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Nature Reserve Garparör

Wander through pastures and meadows

Garparör Nature Reserve is like a patchwork of farmland, open pastureland, deciduous pastures, overgrown wooded meadows and deciduous forests. This is one of the best examples of an ancient agricultural landscape in Skövde, and there are many clearance cairns and stone walls. A walking trail runs through the reserve, and is perfect for short walks.

Fascinating tree formations

The western area features gnarled, pollarded lime trees with fascinating formations. Many birds live in the holes in these trees. A walk or a picnic among the old trees brings the imagination to life, and you are bound to see fascinating shapes in the tree trunks. 

Varied walks

The walking trail that runs through the reserve is varied in nature, leading walkers through both pastures and meadows. The path passes a shingle embankment dating back to when the inland ice melted, and this was the location of the shore of the Baltic Ice Lake. The trail is easy to reach from the car park. Take the gravel track through the reserve until you see the orange signs.

Remains of mills

Garparör Nature Reserve is home to many types of nature, resulting in richly varied flora and fauna. The area is important for birds that breed in deciduous forests, such as the lesser spotted woodpecker. It is also home to many beautiful butterflies and moths, particularly the nocturnal species. The remains of mills and mill ponds can be seen along the stream that runs through Garparör. You can also see stone circles, cairns and standing stones. Ash, elm and lime trees often grow in the clearance cairns. Flycatchers and nuthatches peck at these hardy trees.

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