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Slussens Pensionat.

Photographer: Södra Bohuslän

10 Must-See gems on the Enchanting Island of Orust

Join us on a road trip along winding small roads on Orust's east coast, where incredible hidden gems await. You may have heard about Orust's shimmering west coast with treasures such as Käringön, Hälleviksstrand, and Mollösund? If so, there's still much to discover, it's time to steer course eastward. Here, an adventure awaits behind every turn.

Kick off your ultimate Orust adventure with a scenic ferry ride to Svanesund, continue to the picturesque Stillingsön and this year's novelty - Korvhantverks Fatabur. Treat the family to unforgettable experiences like camel riding, cuddling with donkeys, beaches, and delicious ice cream breaks. Savor a traditional Swedish “fika” at farm cafes. For the food and music loving traveler, Slussens Pensionat is an unforgettable stop, while Ann's Ceramic Shop and fascinating mural paintings await creative souls. Discover sustainable shopping at Orust Återbruk and sample local baked goods from Herr Bröd.  Our curated list encapsules the top 10 must-see spots during your road trip along the captivating East Coast of Orust, Sweden.

We have compiled a map with 10 stops and even more recommendations for accommodations, cafes, restaurants, and activities so you can easily plan your route. Keep in mind that it's best to split the trip over several days, and the direction is entirely up to you. Get ready to discover Orust from a whole new perspective!

imageeup8.png Ferry to the Beach at Svanesund

There are many routes to Orust. From Tjörn, take the Skåpesund Bridge, from Uddevalla take the Nötesund Bridge, and from Stenungsund, the ferry from Kolhättan to Svanesund is your ride. The ferry is free and takes 5 minutes. You can find the timetable here.

Once in Svanesund, you'll be welcomed by a beautiful beach, perfect for a refreshing swim. It's a complete family destination with a playground, grassy areas, a pier, a beach, and a diving tower

imageeup8.png Stillingsön, a Gem from the Past

Let time stand still for a moment at Stillingsön, a charming old seaside resort by the sea. Turn off at Stillingsöns Handel (ICA) and make your way down to the beautiful old wooden houses. If you enjoy hiking, parts of the island's Pilgrim's Trail pass through Stillingsön. The trail leads you towards Myckleby Church or Långelanda Church.


imageeup8.png Korvhantverks Fatabur: Coffee Break, Charcuterie, and Sourdough Pizza

Make a pit stop at this summer's new attraction - Korvhantverks Fatabur. Among rolling fields in the renovated old barn, you can shop, enjoy a coffee break, eat, and drink well. The focus here is on charcuterie. Savor homemade buns, cakes hearty sandwiches, or a cooling ice cream on the patio. Reserve a table for the evening when sourdough pizza and charcuterie are among the items served.
Read more at www.fatabur.se 


imageeup8.png Camel Riding and Happy Animals in Myckleby

Take a detour to Myckleby to find the beautiful farm with all the animals that have found a home here. Retired from the circus, rescued, or relocated for other reasons, all the animals here are truly well cared for. You'll find camels, calves, goats, miniature pigs, donkeys, emus, ducks, llamas, and alpacas. How about riding a camel in the arena or maybe taking a cart ride pulled by an ox? Pre-book your visit to the farm at www.camelriding.se, and if you just want to watch the animals, you can pay an entrance fee via Swish on-site. All contributions are needed to ensure the best possible care for the animals.
There is also an option to book accommodation in one of the houses on the farm


imageeup8.png Slussens Pensionat for the Food and Music Lover

An oasis by the sea. Enjoy fantastic live concerts, food made from local ingredients, and cozy accommodation. During the summer, you can swing by for a delicious lunch or something lighter, take a dip, and soak up the delightful ambiance.  Be sure to look for the beautiful mural painting on a warehouse wall near Slussen. It portrays Alfrida Berg, who started and ran Slussens Pensionat until 1965. Read more about Slussens Pensionat at www.slussenspensionat.se


imageeup8.png Pottery love at Ann´s Ceramic Shop 

If you love ceramics, stylish cups and plates, and handmade products, don't miss a stop at the little Ceramic Shop "Anns Keramikbod". Open on Wednesdays or by appointment. If you want to learn pottery, you can book courses here with Ann. Learn more at www.annskeramikbod.se


imageeup8.png Savour the Serenity at Töllås Sheep Farm (Fårgård)

Continue your journey to Töllås Sheep Farm, a haven for the entire family. Here you'll find designated parking spaces for motorhomes, a farm shop, cultivated gardens, sheep, ducks, rabbits, and a truly beautiful garden where you can sit and enjoy coffee or a delightful meal.

imageeup8.png Camping on Vindön

Vindöns Camping, located to the north of the island, offers a great camping option. It's the ideal place to spend a night and make the most of your Orust experience.

imageeup8.png Culinary Delights and Leisure Time in Henån

In Henån, you'll find the newly opened fish shop 'Lyrfiskarn' offering fresh seafood, fish, shrimp sandwiches, and other delicious locally produced goods. Pick up a shrimp sandwich or some seafood and check out the lovely beach at Småholmarna.

Time for an ice cream break! The Ice Cream Bar “Glassbaren” serves both soft serve and scoop ice cream at their jetty in the harbour. Here, you can also rent a stand-up paddleboard and enjoy the sea.

If you'd like to stay in Henån overnight, there are several options. Near the Ice Cream Bar, you'll find Henåns Hostel, which also provides a large parking area for motorhomes. A touch further into the town center, surrounded by a lush garden, is the quaint and welcoming Villa Frideborg Hotel.


imageeup8.png Orust Återbruk and Herr Bröd: Treasure Hunt, Artwork, and Coffee Delights


The journey heads south towards Herr Bröd and Orust Reuse (Återbruk). Orust Reuse is housed in the old dairy building and here you can find just about everything. Clothing, goods, used bicycles, building materials, furniture, and even local food from Orust. Don't miss the stunning mural painting on the outside of the building.

After shopping, enjoy a delightful coffee break at Herr Bröd. This family-run artisan bakery offers bread, pastries, cookies, delicious ice cream, and a selection of local products like jams, granola, etc. Here, you can sit both indoors and outdoors or take your coffee break to go as you continue your journey.