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Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha

Bohus Path Section 6
Angered church - Fontin

16 km, medium

Section 6 of the Bohus Path is 16 kilometres long, stretching between Angered church and Fontin in Kungälv. The walk goes through the beautiful Vättlefjäll nature reserve and ends by the Bohus fortress in Kungälv.

Quick facts

Length: 16 km

Duration: about 5 - 6 hours

Level of difficulty: medium

Terrain: forest paths, gravel road and asphalt road


Vättlefjäll - one of Gothenburg's largest nature areas

The path starts at Angered church, which is well worth a visit in itself. It is believed to be from the 13th century, but no one knows for sure how old it is. The landscape is dominated by farmland and you pass the river Lärjeån, which is a Natura 2000 area. Both salmon and trout come to spawn here, and the protected freshwater pearl mussel is found in the area.

The path takes you to Vättlefjäll, which is one of the largest nature areas in Gothenburg. The word “vättle” comes from words such as water and wet, and there are many lakes in the area with smooth rocks that are perfect for a snack and a dip in the water. The countryside here has a rich variety of heaths, bogs and deciduous and coniferous woods in a lovely rolling landscape. As well as great walking, other popular activities in the area are canoeing, swimming and fishing. The path along the lakeside by Stentjärn is beautiful and the endangered species blue ground cedar grows in the heath area of Orremossen.

Bohus Fortress and Kungälv

The path continues through the little community of Bohus and then across the Göta River at Jordfallsbron. The Bohus Bridge leads on to Fästningsholmen, with the impressive ruin of the Bohus fortress that had sat in state there over the centuries. The fortress was built in the 14th century and is a popular attraction. Stories abound on kings, saints, power struggles, traitors and prisoners kept here. Go on a guided tour and imagine you are part of its history, as well as learning more about the fortress and the people who lived here. A number of activities are arranged, such as archery and rafting. During the high season you can also act out the life of a knight for the day.


Kungälv and the Fontin nature reserve

The walk continues into Kungälv. The church in Kungälv dates from the 17th century, as do the town hall. Take a break here and soak up the atmosphere in Kungälv town centre before heading up Östra gatan, which is lined with turn of the century buildings on the slope of Fontinberg. The popular Fontin nature reserve lies on the hill, with several jogging tracks and other loops. You can walk along "Kärleksstigen" - the lovers’ path - which goes along the edge of the hill and has beautiful views of Kungälv and Bohus Fortress.

Fact about the trail


This section of the path is 16 kilometres.

Approximate times:

It takes about 5 - 6 hours to walk this section (excluding breaks).


There are orange markers along the footpath on trees and poles, which makes it easy to find your way in either direction on any of the sections. At the beginning of each section an information board shows distances on a map with various symbols, as well as conditions regarding the right to roam (Right of public access).

Level of difficulty:

The path is classified as medium and the surface varies between asphalt, gravel road and forest paths.

Start and end:

Section 6 starts at Angered church. The bus stop at Angered church and the commuter car park are just next to the path, about 300 metres from the start of the section. If you want to go directly to Vättlefjäll, take tram number 4 or 9 to the centre of Angered and walk the last 30 minutes.

How to get here:

The sixth section of the path starts at Angered church in the northeastern corner of Gothenburg municipality. You can easily get here by bus or car. A car or bus trip (Blå Express) both take about 20 minutes.


A digital map of the path is available on Google maps. You can also find more information and maps on the Bohus Path website.

Contact information


Phone: +46 31 40 29 81

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Website: bohusleden.se