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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Koön hikingtrails
Marstrand, Kungälv

Hiking trails along Marstrand’s beautiful coastline, 2-5 km

Discover Koön, the island hosting the eastern part of Marstrand, a popular destination for tourists visiting Bohuslän, Sweden. Explore three well-marked hiking trails with varying difficulty levels, including an accessibility-adapted path. Combine these circular loops for a longer, unforgettable adventure in the stunning Bohuslän region.

Quick facts

Length: 2-5 km

Difficulty: easy - hard

Terrain: roads, paths, cliffs, and stairs


Three hiking trails with distinct character

Explore three unique hiking trails on Koön, located in Kungälv Municipality, a must-visit destination in the Bohuslän region of Sweden. Experience diverse difficulty levels and enjoy ample resting spots with benches and well-maintained barbecue areas along the way. Discover more about each trail below and plan your unforgettable adventure in the picturesque Bohuslän landscape.

Green Trail – Stroller-friendly paths

Experience the Green Trail on Koön, a stroller-friendly path ideal for those seeking an easily accessible adventure in the Bohuslän region of Sweden. This delightful loop takes you through lush forests, gravel and paved roads, and a charming cottage area. Wheelchairs and strollers can navigate the trail with ease. Discover an accessibility-adapted seating area in the forest, reached via a wooden bridge over a quaint stream. Enjoy a scenic viewpoint and barbecue spot with stunning views of Hakefjorden. Follow a narrow path to a staircase that leads to the mountain's summit and barbecue area (note: this part is not accessibility-adapted).

Blue Trail – Paths and wind shelter

Embark on Koön's Blue Trail for a diverse hiking experience through various terrains in the Bohuslän region of Sweden. Traverse wide gravel roads, forest paths, and challenging mountain sections while admiring the picturesque Älgöfjorden and Smörsundsdammen reserve water source. Enjoy a refreshing swim at a beach near the campsite during your adventure. Discover two accessibility-adapted viewpoints and barbecue areas along the trail. The first offers a captivating 360-degree view of the coastal landscape, including the awe-inspiring Carlsten Fortress. The second spot, accessible to those who cannot navigate forest paths, features a wind shelter for overnight stays. Experience the beauty of Bohuslän's coastal environment on this unforgettable Blue Trail adventure.

Yellow Trail (formerly Black Trail) – Cliffs and old shooting positions

Experience the thrill of Koön's Yellow Trail, the most challenging of the three hiking routes. Perfect for adventurers seeking an exciting trek through mountain terrain. Navigate cliffs, old shooting positions, and breathtaking coastal views, while traversing stairs and footbridges. Enjoy multiple viewpoints, including one shared with the Blue Trail. Discover a unique terrace at the westernmost point, ideal for a romantic sunset picnic or a family snack while watching boats sail across the captivating Marstrandsfjorden.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid


Fact about the trail


The green trail is about 2.5 kilometers
The blue trail is about 5 kilometers
The yellow trail (former black trail) is about 5 kilometers

Approximate times:

The green trail takes about 30 minutes to walk without stopping
The blue trail takes about 1.5 hours to walk without stopping
The yellow trail takes about 1.5 hours to walk without stopping


There are information signs at the start of each trail, and the trails are well marked with its respective colour on wooden posts.

Level of difficulty:

Green trail: very easy hike/walk

Blue trail: medium-difficult hike

Yellow trail: Difficult hike

Start and end:

Green Trail: You start and finish the Green Trail at one of the two gravel parking areas along Rosenlundsvägen.

Blue and Yellow Trail: You start and finish the Blue and Yellow Trail about 130 meters from the gravel parking area near the sports field, located further up on Idrottsgatan. In the parking area, there are two parking spots for people with disabilities.

How to get here:

By car: From Kungälv junction, take exit 86 and follow Road 168 towards Marstrand. Continue for about 25 km until you reach Marstrand-Koön. Look for signs directing you to various parking lots upon entering Marstrand-Koön. 

Public transport: Use Västtrafik's journey planner to plan your route. Take the Marstrands Express (MEXP) from Nils Ericson Terminal in Gothenburg to Marstrand Ferry Terminal in under an hour. Coming from the north, use the Västtågen train to Ytterby station or take a bus to Kungälv Travel Center, then continue on the Marstrands Express.

For the Green Trail, the nearest stop is Gunnarsdalsvägen, about 400 meters from the trailhead. For the Blue and Yellow Trails, choose either the Danske Sten stop or Marstrand Ferry Terminal. From there, walk about 1 kilometer north to the starting point.

Tip: Don't miss the opportunity to take the ferry and visit Marstrand, Sweden's renowned sailing capital!


Photographer: Amplifyphoto/ Markus Holm

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