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Photographer: Anders Jonsson, Södra Bohuslän Turism

Tofta Nature reserve
Lycke, Kungälv

1.5 - 4.5 km

At Tofta Nature Reserve between Kungälv and Marstrand, diverse and easy walks over cliffs and meadows await. Here, one can take a refreshing swim or simply enjoy the view of the sea. Combine your visit with a trip to Tofta Manor.

Tofta is a coastal landscape with remnants from the Bronze Age. The ancient remains are located on a ridge extending between Kråkerösund and Myggstaviken. The nature reserve is easily accessible and offers ample opportunities for exploration, swimming, and fishing.

A treeless landscape teeming with flowers

The nature reserve is characterized by treeless heaths, but in the shelter of the mountain, there are also pasturelands. Here, you can discover botanical treasures such as common spotted orchids, fir clubmoss, and bugloss, while meadow sweet clover thrives on the grazed meadows. Different species of stonecrops and thrift grow in crevices and rocky areas. In August, the reddish-violet color of the heather adorns the barren rocky terrain. Myggstaviken, south of the reserve, is renowned for its rich birdlife, and several species of diving ducks and other birds nest in Tofta Kile.

More to experience - Tofta Manor and The Magasin

A linden avenue leads you to Tofta Herrgård (Tofta Manor)  , where you'll find a restaurant with top-class cuisine, accommodation, and conference facilities. Tofta Herrgård Magasinet houses a summer café offering home-baked pastries, ice cream, waffles, and light lunches. Relax in the lovely garden and savor the ancient cultural ambiance; there are also indoor seating areas. Tofta Retreat offers yoga classes, retreats, and rehabilitation sessions. And at Stall Tofta, there are opportunities for horseback riding tours on Icelandic horses.


Fact about the trail


The Red trail is approximately 4.5 km
The Green trail is approximately 4.2 km
The Blue trail is approximately 650 m
The Purple trail is approximately 1.5 km

Approximate times:

Red trail: About 1 hour 
Green trail: About 1 hour 
Blue trail: About 12 minutes 
Purple trail: About 20 minutes 


Information signs are available at the starting points. The Blue trail is marked with blue stones.

Level of difficulty:

Red trail: Easy hiking, can be wet in some parts of the nature reserve. The trail partly runs on rocks and over some footbridges.
Green trail: Easy hiking.
Blue trail: Moderate hiking, through forest and over rocks.
Purple trail: Moderate hiking. The horse trail through the forest can be very muddy in wet weather.

Start and end:

The road to the nature reserve passes Tofta Herrgård (Tofta Manor). Choose to start from the Manor and follow the Red trail out towards the sea. Alternatively, continue past the manor and start from one of the parking areas located right at the beginning of the reserve (see map).

How to get here:

Tofta is located in Kungälv municipality just south of Lycke church. Take off from E6 north of Gothenburg at Kungälv, road 168 towards Marstrand and Ytterby. At Tjuvkil, take road 570 and follow the signs towards Tofta. The road to the nature reserve passes Tofta Herrgård.

Public Transport: The nearest stop is Lycke, approximately a 20-minute walk. Check all departures in Västtrafik's travel planner.

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