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4 km, moderate difficulty

Hike up to Vetteberget, Tjörn's highest mountain standing at 116 meters above sea level. Here, you'll be greeted with a magnificent view of the sea reaching towards the horizon in the west. On a clear day, you can see Denmark and Skagen.

Nature and Wildlife

Vetteberget offers an incredibly diverse and exciting natural environment all year round. Early in spring, hazel trees bloom with their small flowers. In April-May, the ground along the stream ravine at the beginning of the trail is covered with thousands of wood anemones, followed by meadow rue and wood anemones. Here, you'll also find Sweden's most depicted flower, wood cow-wheat, featured on the old hundred-crown bill. In the old shell gravel pit, cowslips grow. Further up the mountain, cranberries and lily of the valley thrive. The latter shines in an orange-yellow hue in June. In the narrow valleys formed between the mountain walls, birch, rowan, and oak grow sheltered from the harsh winds. It's possible to spot moose, deer, fox, and hare here. As summer transitions into autumn, the reddish-purple heather brightens the gray mountain slopes. During early spring, you might hear the mating calls of the black grouse.

Bronze Age burial mound 116 Meters Above Sea Level

At the top of Vetteberget lies a Bronze Age cairn dating back to around 1000 BC. With a diameter of 19 meters, it is one of the largest in Bohuslän. During archaeological excavations in 1959, a grave with buckles, a straight razor, and a 69 cm long bronze sword were found.

Vetteberget gets its name from a "vette" or signal fire that existed here in the 10th century. Vetters formed a signaling system. When foreign fleets approached, a signal fire was lit, visible from afar, after which the next fire was lit in a chain along the entire coast. This is also why there are several other "vettebergs" in Bohuslän.

Fact about the trail


4 km, back and forth 


Clearly marked, poles with red crosses

Level of difficulty:

Moderate. The trail mainly traverses over rocky terrain and isn't accessible.

Start and end:

The trail starts and ends at the end of Vettebergsvägen, Aröd.

How to get here:

By car: Take road 169 towards Rönnäng. At the intersection with the road leading to Skärhamn and the Nordic Watercolour Museum, turn left onto a gravel road. Follow the road to the designated parking area. Limited parking spaces available.

By bus: Take the bus with Västtrafik to the Aröd bus stop. Walk along Vettebergsvägen for approximately 500 meters to the beginning of the trail. Follow the signs indicating the hiking trail along Vettebergsvägen.

Contact information

Tjörns Turistbyrå

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Phone: +46 304 60 10 16

E-mail: turistbyran@tjorn.se

Website: tjorn.se