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The coastal community that thrives year-round

Are you looking for a location with beautiful nature and proximity to the sea while still having access to amenities such as a grocery store, fish market, bakery, kiosk, and dining options? Then Ellös is the place for you.

Ellös is a charming destination to visit all year round. During the winter, you can take a beautiful seaside walk or go hiking on the outskirts of Ellös. Here, you'll find the Husebyleden trail, which passes by 10 signposted attractions.


Family-friendly swimming spot with a diving tower

Sörkilen is a excellent spot for the family beach-day, suitable for all ages and preferences. It features a pier for crab fishing, a trampoline, and a diving tower for the more adventurous. Right next to the beach, there is a sauna available for rent through Ellösföreningen.


Picnic on the Hill

From central Ellös, there's a walking path that takes you to a beautiful viewpoint. To reach the viewpoint, you can walk from the square in Ellös, head uphill, and follow Rosenlundsvägen. When the road splits, take a left, and on the left side, you'll see a blue sign that says 'Utsikten' (the viewpoint). Once at the top, you'll enjoy a fantastic view of the sea. You can see Ellösfjorden and the sea extending towards Gullholmen, Islandsberg, and Grundsund. There's a table and benches on the hill, so pack your picnic and head there for a relaxing meal.



Open Yard - The Annual Boat Festival

Ellös has a long-standing tradition of boatbuilding, and the shipyard industry is still essential for the area. At the end of August every year, Scandinavia's largest sailboat show takes place in Ellös. Open Yard is a unique exhibition because you can see boats being built live. This weekend is a bit of a celebration for the people of Ellös and those who visit the show. There's a great atmosphere at the exhibition, and the festive spirit continues into the evening. Local restaurants often have evening entertainment with live music.


Accommodation in Ellös

For those who wish to stay overnight or for an extended period, there are several options. Right in the heart of Ellös, you'll find Sjöhuset, which offers 6 apartments of various sizes. Hotell Varvet provides newly renovated apartments that are tastefully decorated with a personal touch.

If you want to explore a variety of accommodation options in Ellös, you can do so through Kobbar and Skär or Stugsommar. Both of these are cottage rental agencies offering fantastic accommodations in various sizes. If you're arriving by boat, there's a guest harbor down by the port.

For those with camper vans, there are camper van sites located within Ellösparkens. In the past, Ellösparken was known for its weekly dances and hosted performances by many famous artists. The park has undergone a revival and now offers various events, including dances, sing-alongs, and cinema.

Sea Adventures

From Ellös, you can embark on sea adventures with Marleblå & Havsguiderna who tailor activities for the open sea. Join them on various tours among the salt-sprayed sea huts, islets, and islands. They offer several packages, such as fishing trips and a visit to Måseskär lighthouse.

Marleblå & Havsguiderna are happy to customize an experience that suits your preferences.

You can also rent a kayak with Kustkajak who also offers the opportunity to rent camping equipment for 'island camping'. 



The history of the Herring industry is still present

Ellös is the largest industrial town on Orust, and as early as 1730, it was a hub for various businesses. In the past, like most other fishing communities, Ellös thrived on its herring.

Even today, herring processing continues in Ellös. The factory in Ellös receives and processes herring directly from fishing boats. Inside the factory, the herring is sorted, cleaned, cut into pieces, and placed in brine. The process concludes with the raw materials being packed into barrels, which are then transported to nearby rock caverns where they mature. After about a month in the rock caverns, the herring is delivered to customers who pickle the herring.

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