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Photographer: Amplifyphoto/ Markus Holm

The Sundsby manor/Sundsby säteri

Encounter the magic of nature and history at Sundsby Säteri

There are many things, both natural and cultural, to stimulate the curious mind at Sundsby Säteri. It has a long and interesting history and is set in a beautiful natural park with several hiking trails. The café offers both hot and cold meals, refreshments and home made cakes.

Sundsby säteri is situated on the island of Mjörn in the municipality of Tjörn in Bohuslän. The garden and surrounding park lie in a hilly, wooded landscape edged by bays. The road passing through the park still follows its medieval route.

Sundsby Säteri has been in private hands for more than 320 years, during which time very few people have had the opportunity to visit it. In 2003 Tjörn municipality bought Sundsby and has made it available to the public.

Café, bakery and shops

The café offers both hot and cold meals, refreshments and home made cakes. All the bread is made in the bakery at Sundsby and is on sale in the shop. Ekahagens byggnadsvårdsbutik and Färgtrappan has everything for lovers of old houses. The society ”Sundsby Handelsbod” is a network of local gardeners who sell their produce at Sundsby.

Sundsby hiking trails

There are several trails of varying difficulty surrounding Sundsby Säteri. The longest is 4.2 km. They start from the parking place at the south end of the carp pond.

All the trails pass through beautiful, varying countryside offering wonderful views along the way. There are several ’caves’ formed by huge blocks of dislodged rock, and Stigfiorden national park can be seen from the top of Solklinten. Several of the trails have rest and BBQ sites.


The East wing contains a cultural history exhibition on Margareta Huitfeldt and Sundsby Säteri. Pictures displayed on the computer take you through the centuries showing the changes the garden has gone through


Norway’s National Day, 17 May, is celebrated at Sundsby, because of Sundsbys close connections to Norway. Margareta’s name-day, 20 July, is also celebrated every year. In addition to these two fixed events, several other events are arranged at Sundsby each year.

Contact information

Sundsby säteri

Sundsby säteri

47173 Hjälteby

Phone: +46 304 60 11 77

E-mail: sundsby@tjorn.se

Website: tjorn.se/sundsby