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Remember September

Experiencing the Swedish West Coast in September is a bit like visiting ski resorts during the summer. It's the same place, yet different. Something has happened. A mysterious charm has emerged. It is the calm after the storm.

Eat & drink at Tjörn

At Tjörn, there is something for everyone’s taste; fish, herring and sourdough are best enjoyed in September.

Eat & drink at Käringön & Gullholmen

The islands of Käringön and Gullholmen boast nice cafes and restaurants on salt-splashed rocks and in the harbour.

See & do at Tjörn

Explore all of Tjörn’s opportunities for cultural experiences, boat trips and nature experiences.

See & do at Käringön & Gullholmen

Hike along wonderful island trails on Gullholmen and Härmanö, or visit the small local shops of Käringön.


In the middle of a Bohuslän cultural landscape dating back to the Stone Age, grazing sheep surround an annual sculpture exhibition of world-leading artists.

Salt & Sill

The herring island of Klädesholmen is home to Salt & Sill, which offers world-class food and accommodation at Sweden's first floating hotel. Don't miss their...

Härmanö hiking trail

An unbeatable combination of hiking through a densely built-up community and large nature reserve.

Lotshotellet Käringön

Take off on a sea adventure. Join us for a seal safari and visit Måseskär's lighthouse or go on other excursions to hidden gems around Käringön.

A walk in the shoes of a local grower

As late summer begins to turn to autumn, the atmosphere changes on the island of Tjörn. Hordes of summer guests leave the island and are replaced by a calm...