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Paddle on your own in Grebbestad

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Start your day at Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad - head south - take a lunch break at Otterön - return to Grebbestad with wonderful memories!

Take a day exploring beautiful Grebbestad with the kayak! 

For a full day of kayaking starting in Grebbestad, we recommend this trip:

Start your trip at Nautopp Kayakcentre in central Grebbestad. Paddle south by the green and lush inshore side of Otterön heading towards the beautiful beaches at Small and Big Brattholmen. This passage is sheltered in every directions from wind and waves, perfectly suited for the inexperienced paddler. If you feel a bit unsure about your paddling skills, you can rent a double kayak that are more stable for a safer trip.   

This trip gives you the chance to swop the noise of Grebbestad and TanumStrand to pine scenting forests and small lovely bays. Otterön is the island famous for Evert Taube, where he wrote many of his poems. The island also have many cultural sights from the old stone industry era. One and another viking has also stepped ashore on this island. 

The island Mannholmen at the other side of the inlet to Grebbestad is place for one of many cemetarys for people who died from Cholera in the 19th century. There are also many drowned soldiers buried here. 

The route: 

Nautopp Kayakcentre Grebbestad - otherside of the harbour - by the sailing club - TanumStrand - Mannholmen - West Rösholmen - East Otterön - South Otterön - Björnåsen - Musö Ormudde to Brattholmarna, alternatively take a lunch break with the cows at the south edge of Otterön. 

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