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  • Photographer: Celina Falck

  • Photographer: Celina Falck

Tanumsleden (Trail)

The main trail, Tanumsleden, is 5 km long and pass by Valbrets grave (Hällekistan), which is a junction for the trails in the area. By Stall Heane, Tanums riding school, you will find an information sign.

Tanumsleden 5 km

A good place to start your hike in Tanumsleden is by the parking area by Stall Heane, or below the sports hall, Tanumshede. By Stall Heane you will find a big information sign where you can see the different trails. The area has a trail with electrical lights that is 2,5 km long, as well as a handful of trails with a variety in lengths. The main trail, Tanumsleden is 5 km and pass by Valbrets grave (Hällekistan), which is a junction for the trails in the area. From here you can continue to Grebbestad via Kärrvägen that is connected to Falkerödsleden.

All trails are well planned in an alternate nature with open fields- and meadowlands, young and old pine forests, mountains covered in heather, creeks, streams, and ditches. From the trails you can see the old farmhouses here and there, which gives the landscape a touch of colour.


E6; Tanumshede. Road 163 south, about 1 km from the centre you will see Stall Heane. Parking can be found by the entrance to Tanums riding club. Walking path and bike path from Tanumshede.

Contact information

Tanum Turist

45772 Grebbestad

Phone: +46 525 61188