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Just 4,5 kilometers from Tibro center you can walk in Rankås' green and beautiful nature. Jog in the spring to the sound of birds or go skiing in the winter, a wonderful area all year around.

Running tracks
There are several tracks for running or walking the dog. Choose from 2,7 - 1,2 - 2,5 - 5 or 10 kilomters. Walk or run trough the forest and see the beautiful unique nature in Rankås with traces from the ice-ages. A long the 5 kilometer track you can read about how the terrain came to be thousands of years ago. 

Take the Rankås hike
A perfect hike for a day out, 30 kilometers with wonderful nature that ends in Mölltorp where you can take a realxing dip in lake Bottensjön after a day of walking. 

Hop on your mountainbike and test your skills in one of the MTB tracks in Rankås. Choose from 700 meters easy track to 4,1 kilometers advanced track with lots of stones and jumps. 

In winter you can go cross country skiing through the beautiful nature, is there anything more peaceful then that?