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Suntaks gamla kyrka

Romanesque architecture from the 12th Century

Suntak’s old church is an abandoned church which is a rare preserved example of Romanesque architecture from the latter half of the 12th century.

Apse Church

Suntak's old church is built of plastered sandstone. It has no tower and consists of a nave and an apse-capped chancel, which is quite unusual. Out of more than 500 preserved medieval churches in Västergötland, 47 of them are apse churches. These were only found in the most prosperous areas and were often adorned with stone reliefs.

Medieval Wall Paintings

The walls feature remnants of late medieval lime paintings by the master Amund. The wooden ceiling has two ceiling paintings painted by the bell ringer in Acklinga, Anders Wetterlind, in 1769.
They depict the Fall of Man and the Last Judgment.

The Suntak Chair

In the choir, a replica of the remarkable chancel chair, also known as the "Suntakstolen," is stored. The original chancel chair is kept at the Västergötland Museum and dates back to the 12th century. This might be Sweden's oldest piece of furniture and was made from an older church bench.
One end of the chair features a carved wolf's head.

The Builder's Fee

In 1902, a new church was built in Suntak. According to oral tradition, the builder was given permission to use the material from the old church. Fortunately, the builder likely found that it was not profitable enough to use the old church's material. Today, we are grateful for that decision.

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