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Skidstugan Strömslund

Nature area for running, cycling , skiing and more!

In the north west part of Trollhättan you find a big nature area for a lot of different outdoor activities. Here you find the starting point for several different hiking-, ski- and MTB tracks of different lengths in fantastic forests and nature. During winter tracks with artifical snow for cross country skiing is added to the area.

Running and hiking trails

Challenge yourself in fantastisc forest. Here you find 4 electric light tracks and one regular track. The tracks has a lot of hills and is a good challenge. 

The tracks are available for wheelchair and stroller, except for one part of the 10 km track. 

Electric light tracks: 2,5 km, 3,5 km, 5 km och 6 km.

Regular track: 10 km where 5 km consist of smaller trials. 


Bring your mountainbike for a nice adventure, the MTB tracks are marked and easy to find at Skidstugan. The longest track is 6 km but you find three more shorter tracks as well. 

Outdoor gym

At Skidstugan you also find an outdoor gym suitable for full body excercies. The outdoor gym is open the full year and is connected to the running tracks. 

Parts of the gym is avaialble for wheelchairs. 

Trollhättans Artificel snow area

When the cold weather arrives during winter season they also start the artficiel snow to make is possible to train cross country skiing. The cross country skiing track with artificel snow is 900 meter long and 8 meter wide, wich makes it possible to have two tracks for classic skiing and one track for skate in the middle. The track is an electric light track. It's free to come here and skii. 

If you want to bring food or something warm to drink you find tables and fireplace next to the start/finish area. 

The facility is dependent on minus degrees. Read more here

About Skidstugan Strömslund 

Skidstugan (The Ski lodge) in Strömslund is owned by Trollhättan SOK - the orientation and skiing club in Trollhättan, which, in addition to its training, arranges several large events for orienteering and running.

The main goal is to create the conditions to be able to practice orienteering at all levels and for all categories. They work to create broad activity in all age groups with the goal of being an established elite club. 

Skidstugan has the adres Skidbacksvägen 17 and here you find free parking. The lights at tre tracks are turned on between 05:00 -22:30.  


Contact information

Skidstugan Strömslund

Skidbacksvägen 17

461 58 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 520 429040

E-mail: info@tsok.se

Website: To homepage