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Bohusläns Museum - Permanent exhibitions

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

The Bohus Hall

The coastal scenery of Bohuslän is reflected in an exhibition that combines art and science. It is about sea and granite cliffs, about weather and shimmering light, about plants and animals.

The Boat Hall

The Museum’s Boat Hall is at the far end of the ground floor. It has sofas and armchairs and a small exhibition on boatbuilding. But more particularly an outdoor, unheated area, ideal for our wooden boats.

The starting point

The starting point is envisaged as a road out into the country, to the cultural heritage that surrounds us.

The Johnson Hall

The art collection is named after John Johnson (1861 - 1951), a wealthy businessman and art lover. He left his collection to the city of Uddevalla.

Meet the Travellers

Meet the Travellers! Is Sweden’s first permanent exhibition about travellers. It tells of their history, of the road as their home.


This exhibition is about living on the Bohuslän coast and its islands, a life with the sea as a generous friend – and an uncompromising foe.


This exhibition centers on people in Bohuslän, and their living experience in a borderland. To stir your interest, we have given equal weight to facts, moods and feelings. The exhibition centers around five stories.

The Bernhardson Room

Here we present works by Carl Gustaf Bernhardson, whose theme was the life of the people of Bohuslän. They show the daily life and beliefs of the people of Central Bohuslän’s island world a hundred years ago.

Uddevalla through the ages

The exhibition contains lots of exciting and entertaining objects and pictures from Uddevalla’s more than 500-year history.Port and trading centre in the border country – then as now.