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Photographer: Per Pixel Petersson

Shell bank museum

The world's largest shell banks

Located in the middle of the world's largest shell banks is the Shell Bank Museum. Models and animations show how the ice sheet affected Uddevalla more than 10,000 years ago, and the walking trail leads you out into a unique landscape with an abundance of wildlife.


Museum with a species-rich foundation

Skalbanksmuseet/The Shell Bank Museum was built as part of Uddevalla’s celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of its founding, and it was officially opened on 26 August 1998 by the King and Queen. The museum has shell collections dating from the 1800s as well as newly created models, illustrations and animations that show how ice melt and land rise affected the Uddevalla landscape. The white hills on which the Shell Bank Museum now stands are mostly made up of remnants of the stone mussel, the giant acom barnacle, and numerous invertebrates. There are also remains of seals, killer whales and polar bears.


Wander among butterflies, lizards and cows

If you are in the area, you can walk the Shell Bank loop, which takes you through a unique cultural landscape with a total of 23 shell banks. The area is rich in plant and insect life and the loop passes meadows with grazing cows, beehives, abandoned properties, and settlements dating back to the Stone Age. Water lizards swim in the small ponds, and from the hill, Kurödsbergen, the view extends for miles across Byfjorden and on towards the Uddevalla Bridge. The marked trail starts at the museum and runs parallel to the Bohus Trail.
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