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Erikson's Charcuterie

Tasty sausages and charcuteries since 1923

Erikson's Charcuterie has produced products of finest quality always from Sweden for soon 100 years! The little charcuterie in the heart of Nossebro is located at the same place where it was initially established, in 1923.

Erikson's Charcuterie in Nossebro is a small charcuterie offering store sales, located on the same spot since 1923. The company has been going on for generations within the family, and still today producing products of top quality made up of fresh swedish meat. The fine products at Erikson's is continuously winning prices, not least Erikson's Groat sausage which has been awarded as the best in Sweden! Here at Erikson's you can always expect sausages and charcuteries that have been created by following methods and recipes inherited for generations. Read more about the products from Erikson's Charcuterie!

Well-known sausages

The products can be found at approximately 40 stores in western Sweden and to many, choosing Erikson's sausages is obvious when grilling . However, it is something special to experience the unique factory environment. So with that said, if you have your way around Essunga or Nossebro, a visit to Eriksons Charcuterie can be highly suggested.

It should be Swedish

When you buy products from Erikson's Charcuterie it is guaranteed that the meat comes from animals that are born, butchered, and cut in Sweden. Here it is believed upon the added value that Swedish agriculture means to the country. Everything from raw product to packaging is Swedish!

Contact information

Eriksons Chark

Storgatan 11

46530 Nossebro

Phone: +46 512 500 43

E-mail: info@eriksonschark.se

Website: eriksonschark.se/