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Burmossen nature reserve

Wetland on the border to Värmland

The Brurmossen area is located in the border between Västra Götaland and Värmland. The reserve consists of marsh forests, rocked mountain impediment with pines and open marshes and moss fields. The area has a great value because it has been untouched for a long time.

Plants and wildlife

The lichen flora in this area has a northern character and there are many species here. In the area has a rich birdlife with Dalsland's largest playground for blackcocks. There are also many capercailzies in the area.

Hiking trail

The trail goes through pine and marshland and is about 6.5 km long.

Terrain: Easy.

The trail goes through wetlands.

Driving directions

Brurmossen is located 7 km north of Mo Church. The reserve is reached via the exit towards Vassbotten road 2257 between Åmål and Svanskog. Turn towards Vassbotten and follow the road around the lake until you see signs towards Brurmossen Nature Reserve.

Please take the regulations of the reserve into account

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