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Photographer: Emma Augustsson

Mo church

Church with medieval origins

The present wooden church is originally from 1685 but it is probably only the tower that remains. The church got its present appearance after a thorough restoration in 1881. This village has medieval origins and is located on a sandy plain called a “mo”, of which the parish has its name.


The first time a church in Mo is mentioned is in 1397. In the 17th century, the church was mentioned as one of the oldest in Dalsland. The current wooden church was built in 1685-1686. A new long house was built in 1881. A renovation was made in 1957  by a program of the architect Harald Thafvelin. During a renovation in 2000 the church was restored to its 1800-century character and the church's original walls were re-emerged.

Inside the church

  • Current altar is from 1957 and has a limestone altar table.
  • The pulpit was made in 1881 and has a sound roof from 1957.
  • The organ was built in 1913 by “Setterquist & son” in Örebro.
  • In the tower there are two bells. The grand clock is from the 1700s and the small clock is from the Middle Ages.
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