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Photographer: Christiane Dietz


Accommodation in the middle of the wilderness at Tresticklan National Park.

Budalsviken is an old croft situated right next to the beautiful brook that forms the border between Sweden and Norway. Here you can rent a bed for a night or two to discover the unique unspoilt nature, hike, swim or simply relax.

The cottage Budlasviken 

You can easily reach Budalsviken by parking at the eastern entrance of Tresticklans National Park. From there you can walk the 5 km long trail over the Norwegian border to the croft.

  • There are 15 beds in the cottage and 8 beds in the barn "stallet". The beds have sheets, quilts and pillows. Please bring your own bedding or sleeping bag.
  • The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, pots and pans, cutlery, plates, glasses and cups. Remember to turn off the gas!
  • There is no electricity only a solar plant for the light in the kitchen. In the shed you will find firewood.
  • You can fetch drinkable water from the creek.
  • Keys are available at Dals-Eds City Hall.
  • Price: 200 kr per person per night. 50 SEK per child (up to 16 years) and night.

    Key for day trip costs 25 kr or 50 per family. Price for TFL / DNT members: 100 kr per person per night member’s children free, DNT youth 50 kr. Deposit for the key is IOO kr.

  • Dogs cannot be inside the houses due to allergies, but they can sleep under the open sky.

  • Please leave Budalsviken in the same condition as you wish to find it in.

We wish you a lovely trip. Information as pdf

Contact information

Dals-Ed kommun

Storgatan 27

668 30 Dals-Ed

Phone: +46 534 19000

E-mail: kommun@dalsed.se

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