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Photographer: Bror Ljungkvist

Eds MC and Motormuseum

Nostalgia trip for petrol-heads

Not much compares with Eds MC and Motormuseum for a nostalgia trip. Be amazed by the vintage motorcycles, radios, sewing machines and marine engines. Most of the 700 objects exhibited are owned by members of the club, or lent by private individuals. There is a very special story behind each object just waiting to be discovered.

Photographer: Bror Ljungkvist

A huge collection of motorcycles

Eds MC and Motor Museum has one of the largest collections in Sweden, with 160 motorcycles manufactured in Europe and USA from the 1900s up to the Japanese speed machines from the 1950s onwards. Admire the collection of Swedish Rex bikes from 1923-1953 and see your reflection in the chrome on foreign rarities such as the Wanderer 1912, Cleveland 1919, Indian Power Plus 1920 and so on.

The chainsaw - the forestry worker's best friend

There is also a chainsaw exhibition at the museum. See the evolution from the first heavy two-man versions to today's lighter, more efficient machines. Try lifting one of the old chainsaws and imagine walking with that weight in deep snow all day long, working with the noise and vibrations in your hands. There are also 50 marine engines, mostly outboard but a few neat little inboard engines too.

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Club MCV Bohus-Dal

Storgatan 26

66830 Ed

Phone: +46 730 98 43 03

E-mail: museum@mc-dalsland.se

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