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Motionsgården Tavlan

Resort for skiing, orientation, running, hiking and more.

Motionsgården Tavlan is Ed's ski club's facility for skiing, orientation, running and hiking.

Hiking, skiing and exercising

Motionsgården Tavlan, located just north of the small town of Ed, is an outdoor and exercise area for activities in both summer and winter. At Tavlan there is access to a changing room, outdoor gym, shower and sauna. Around the facility there are several tracks and paths that make it easy to put together your own scenic hiking trail.

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Trails to choose between

  • 2,6 km - Electric lights 
  • 4.3 km - BLUE
  • 5.7 km - YELLOW
  • 7.7 km - RED
  • 13 km - ORANGE
  • 22 km - ORANGE

If there is sufficient snow in the winter , ski tracks are prepared with a length between 2,6, 4.3 km and 22 km. Track condition can be viewed here.


Hike all the way to Norway

At Tavlan, the hiking trail Härvägen begins, which takes you to the village of Klevmarken. From Klevmarken you can then choose to hike back to Tavlan with a distance of total of 22 kilometers. An alternative is to do a multi-day hike and continue past Klevmarken to Ringsmon, where the trail connects to the trails in the Heråmaden nature reserve and Tresticklan national park. From Tresticklan you can also reach the Lundsnes nature reserve on the Norwegian side of the border.

Outdoor - gym

Do exercises with your own body weight. Here you can easily train mobility and strength outside in nature. There are a number of stations for training and stretching.


The clubhouse can be rented for activities and overnight stays. There is also the possibility to book the entire area for orientation with check points and maps. Contact the office for more information.

How to find Motionsgården tavlan

From the qown of Ed, drive on road 2183 towards Nössemark. After 2 km you will find Motionsgården Tavlan on your left side.

Contact information

Eds Idrottsallians

Tavlan Motionsgård

668 21 Dals-Ed

Phone: +46 534 61777

E-mail: edssk@telia.com

Website: edssk.com/