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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Stora Le /Struven-Stora Le Fishing district
Dals-Ed & Årjäng

Sport fishing water that is "Top of the line".

Stora Le is a lake in Dals- Ed, the northern end of Stora Le proceeds into Norway and into Värmland, where it continues as Lake Foxen.

Stora Le

On the Norwegian part, you can fish (with fishing license) but not on the main Swedish part of Lake Stora Le. In the Swedish area you are only allowed to fish at Stora Le / Struvens Fishing districts area (map).

Struven - Stora Le Fishing district

Welcome to the part of Lake Stora Le, which is part of the Struven-Stora Le fishing area. This part of the lake that extends from Flötefjorden up to Myrevarv and on to Fölsbyviken has a depth of 26 m. The lake is very important for sport fishing.


An area that offers shallow coves, islands, and grounds in a typical wilderness character. The water is slightly humus colored in comparison with other parts of the Stora Le. This is partly due to the streams that flow into the lake area, such as Lake Holmer and Liane River. 13 100 ha

  • There are plenty of whitefish, pike, perch, lake, trout, whitefish, goose, braxen, roach and some other whitefishes. Pike fishing is practiced most easily from boat in summer and early autumn.
  • Area: 900 ha
  • Only hand tools are allowed.
  • For trolling fish, a maximum of 4 route per boat applies.
  • Max length of pike 80 cm
  • Max 2 pike per day and fisherman
  • Minimum dimensions for pike are 50 cm 
  • Max 2 perch per day and fisherman
  • The breeding / salmon is protected between 1/9 and 31/12
  • Minimum dimensions for trout / salmon are 50 cm
  • Max 2 trout / salmon per day and fisherman

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Fiskespecialisten in Ed & Tourist office in Årjäng 

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