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  • Discover Herrljunga

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  • Fåglavik

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  • Nossan

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  • City of Herrljunga

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Elisabeth Hesselblad

Elisabeth Hesselblad was canonised on 5th of June 2016 by pope Franciscus in Rome. She was born in the little village of Fåglavik in Herrljunga and here you can visit the house where Elisabeth was...

Welcome to visit our folklore villages and houses

In the area of Herrljunga there is a lot of old folklore villages and houses for to visit. Herrljunga are rich in cultural and historical bulidings. Folklore houses that tells our cultural history.


What would you like to do?

Christmas time in Herrljunga

Welcome to visit markets, christmasevents and Lucia all around in Herrljunga district. Christmas table with local and traditionel food is served at some of our restaurants. Celebrate Christmas with...


The Herrljunga district offers many pleasent alternatives for overnight stays, everything from hotels to cosy cabins and campsites.

What a beautiful Countryside!

What a beautiful Countryside! Yes, Herrljunga have a beautiful countryside. Lakes, meadows, forest that are perfect for a hikingexcursion. Take your time and explore the countryside of Herrljunga

  • Shopping

Shopping in Herrljunga

In the small town of Herrljunga and Ljung/Annelund and on the countryside, you can find unique shops of different kinds and by products directly from the farmer. On the countryside you can find several farmshops and on the webbsite Taste the countryside you can find there locations. Take a stroll along the Storgatan in Herrljunga and enjoy the athmospere. Ther is also a mounthly market i Herrljunga and once a year in september there is a big market in Mörlanda, Annelund called Mörlanda market. There is also Flee markets and Secondhand shops aound in both herrljunga and in the rural areas. Welcome to shop in Herrljunga!